Jay Leno CALLS OUT Late Night TV! - Says Hosts Are One-Sided

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news that Jay Leno, former host of The Tonight Show laments the one-sided bias of current late night talk show hosts.

Leno said he always took after hosts like Johnny Carson and would get called out from both sides equally. He was constantly accused of having one bias or another. According to Leno, that has changed. "Everyone needs to know your politics" Leno said, referring to today's hosts.

"When people see you as one sided, it makes it tough." Leno added.

Late night television just isn't funny anymore. Everyone is trying to avoid controversy while all regurgitating the exact same talking points one would find in the media on a regular basis. Meanwhile, the Trump himself is far funnier just walking around and doing every day stuff compared to those who impersonate him. It's just the sad reality of modern day comedy. You can't say anything funny or people will come after you. You basically repeat boring talking points under the guise of knowledge when in reality you are just reading a script.

This is one of the many reasons people are fleeing television for the internet and medias are begging people to come back, all while continuously droning on about the same copied and pasted nonsense. Leno is not wrong.

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