The TERRIBLE Truth About CFS - How Children's Lives Are Being DESTROYED

Our latest video report!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the absolutely abhorrent uses of force and irresponsibility at the hands of the government kidnapping agency also known as CFS or CPS.

We started our journey years ago as a media covering two major topics. One of those topics was Child and Family "Services". As vast amounts of children were ripped away from their families by the state, they would be diagnosed with random mental health problems and then given pharmaceuticals as whistle blowers reported to us. These children would be put in hotels due to the massive number of children taken from families and ignored. They would be pushed out onto the streets and used. They would go missing and little would be done about it.

The truth about CFS is a shocking one that one has to have a good stomach to deal with. The actions taken against families by this coercive entity that created so many statistics is enough to make anyone sick.

From 'CFS You're Fired' under former Manitoba NDP Premier Greg Selinger to today's Conservative Party Premier Brian Pallister who raised funding on an already horrible system, this problem will not be fixed by government when the problem was created by government in the first place. Government can only take more freedom away, it cannot give people freedom.

Individuals need to all get together and stand up to this massive complex and demand an end to it.

We will continue to cover this story closely and the story of Tina Fontaine. Stay tuned for more from WAM!

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