Bitcoin Babaji bio and BTC TA for today

Welcome to another vlog from Bitcoin Babaji, coming to you from sunny South Africa. Each episode comes from one or other scenic part of the south coast of Africa, where fresh air and sunshine facilitate a healthy life for all. 

Since there hasn’t been much opportunity until now, allow me to use today’s post to give a brief bio of where I’m coming from. The term “babaji” comes from the Indian Vedic culture and describes a person who has renounced worldly material activity to devote their life to a purely spiritual or meditative programme or contemplation on transcendence. You will find babajis on the banks of sacred rivers or in holy places of pilgrimage or just hidden in nature somewhere, like a forest or mountain.

Having spent 10 years as a full time celibate monk and student in a yoga ashram in my twenties, about 30 years ago, I traveled and lived in India, for some time, studying and training daily in the meditation practice at the ashram of some babajis. We would wake at 4am daily to meditate for two hours, as well as practice communal chanting of sacred prayers during this auspicious time of the day before sunrise. Then there would be a class on the Sanskrit texts from the Vedas, like Bhagavad Gita.

So although I left the full time lifestyle of a yogi and babaji after ten years, I internalised the principles to my best ability and never really took to married or householder life at all. Nor did I engage in much business or career pursuits, other than the basics needed to keep body and soul together.

On coming across cryptocurrency in 2017, I taught myself all I could regarding the fundamentals, sentiment and technical analysis of Bitcoin and the general industry, from a layman’s point of view. Since these are my two passions – transcendence and TA of crypto – I have incorporated them both into the person I am today. Thus the name Bitcoin Babaji.

In light of that, be sure to catch more info in today’s and future vlog posts regarding the insights I have encountered regarding both bitcoin and transcendence. I aim to incorporate the two opposing subjects and give a balanced view of life from both sides of the saffron curtain. If you’re interested in either then be sure to check out the video below and add some insight to your trading and your journey as a soul housed within the body. Both subjects are crucial to a whole lifestyle so I’m sure you will find something of interest for yourself.


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