True wealth comes in more ways than one – Bitcoin and Nature as food for body and soul

Hi there U Community here is another video Update from Bitcoin Babaji in the beautiful natural surroundings of the southern African coast. We may be across the globe from each other, but bitcoin and crypto is beyond borders and is the Unifying link that brings U and me together.

Trading and cryptocurrency research can take up many hours of a day, and so can building and running a company, website, platform or social network. We often sit for the entire day at our desks engrossed in our projects. And while being productive is great and sometimes necessary to earn a living, still we need to find an overall balance in our lifestyles. Extended periods of sedentary life can stagnate the “chi flow” or circulation in our systems according to Taoist teachings, so getting out and about is really important to keep overall good health and physical vitality. Some do gym workouts, of course, and others have sports to keep them in shape. Here in South Africa I’m under the influence of a somewhat deflated third world currency but at the same time surrounded by beautiful outdoor natural environments, with sea, forest and mountains all nearby.

In the video blog here today I encourage others to find their balance and stay centered by exploring the outdoors if possible, while maintaining the office job, whatever that may be. Here in the video link below you can find me in the best kept secret environment just a few kilometers from my home, and I encourage you to come visit and explore Africa, or find your own beautiful natural surroundings wherever you are to really connect with the life-giving force available there. Then head back to the office and the computer to carry on trading, building a platform and networking at an optimal level.

Bitcoin is not going away and the sideways price movement may be around for some months during this year of bear market capitulation and consolidation. So you won’t miss a trade opportunity by taking time away from the screen, the exchange and the price graphs to get outside and feel the earth beneath your feet again. Of course, in the north it’s late winter, but Spring is in the air as we move toward the Equinox in a few days, so as the Beatles sing:

“The sun is out, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and so are you; dear Prudence, won’t you come out to play.”

Life is for living and time is getting shorter with each passing day. As investors sometimes we need to be reminded to take some profit, reap the rewards of your hard work and utilize the time and assets to bring quality to life. Wealth is measured not only in riches but also in enriched experience, as well as time well spent cultivating fond memories, so that when we are too old to move around, we can look back with joy at the times we did utilize the opportunities we had to explore. Even our home regions may have some inspiring natural surroundings nearby to experience. You can even take your laptop or smart phone with you and keep an eye on price action, hear your trade alerts and stay in touch with your social and office network. We need to be connected, both to the world wide web but also to the life-affirming earth planet we call home. Without both our lives are at risk of becoming one-sided and out of balance.

So as Bitcoin Babaji I recommend finding your balance, tap into both levels of wealth, remember who you are, access your amazing potentials and last but not least – keep your feet on the ground as you reach for the stars.