Bitcoin Babaji reporting from Millionaire's paradise - is this the end of the bear market?

Here there UCommunity. Here is little sample from Bitcoin Babaji discussing the Up-timistic price movement in bitcoin and the alts lately. It can only be signs of nearing a turnaround in the cryptocurrency market, a U-turn of sorts... 

Is this the early sign of a bull market? I know capitulation may take a while, but when I see bitcoin at around $4000 I feel hopeful. But then realism sets in and I know we may have a leg down to go as we test $3000 again. As long as we keep testing $4000, it's likely to break after enough attempts. The one hour RSI and SRSI are both looking oversold. The four hour is also looking oversold and low enough to start a climb upward today. Ever the optimist since I'm from the Cape of Good Hope. It's in my blood.

Anyway take a look at the video below, if it works - still testing the platform capabilities, more coming your way soon as Bitcoin Babaji reports from top hot spots in the world where millionaires, jet setters and lambo flashers come hang out, or so they should if they know what's good for them. Africa is as good a paradise as any beachfront on earth. A few know of this secret treasure of a coastline for tourist destinations in the world. Monero's founder Riccardo Spagni has a holiday house here. As a babaji or renounced meditator, and as a scholar, I personally don't accumulate much materially, a few coins - peanuts in reality, but I access plenty of info and know-how in the industry of blockchain and cryptocurrency, after observing the market for a little while now. And I tour these beautiful paradise seaside holiday resorts on the African south coast. In holiday season I see the local small plane airport fill up with small planes as owners come to their beach holiday houses which remain empty the rest of the year. So I am able to live in the world class holiday zones without owning any of it, while those that own it can only enjoy it once a year. The rest of the time they are usually up north in the gold mine city of Johannesburg, doing business. 

Talking of which, on the 1 day chart, bitcoin is looking a little like it's approaching overbought on the Stochastic RSI so don't expect too much upward price movement.  The RSI is still very undecided around middle 50s. A little more upward today and then a pullback, though lest see if continued higher lows take us up to where $4000 breaks and turns to become our support.