Research: Mere 10% Of Ethereum (ETH) DApps Are Active Daily (While EOS DApps Skyrocket) 

Where’s Ethereum DApp Usage?

Decentralized applications (DApps) were long hailed as one of the leading use cases for blockchain technologies.

Found this article on the subject - which has been a hot one lately, it is being discussed all over the place.  

A related tweet from Kevin Rooke quoting from DappRadar stats said:

There are now 1375 live ETH dApps.

86% of them had 0 users today.

93% of them had 0 tx volume today

 Through smart contracts, whether it be on Ethereum, EOS, Tron, or otherwise, the worlds’ current processes could be put on a blockchain, thus creating a society built on decentralization.

But as it stands, adoption of such applications has been slim to none. This is far from hearsay, but cold, hard numbers. According to research done by LongHash, a leading crypto information resource, on February 1st, a mere 180 out of 1812 Ethereum DApps had associated ERC-20 transactions. Doing some quick napkin math, this equates to about 10%.

Here is the link to the article.