ICT saga continues

ICT transfers are here - just that they work one way ;D

Well, some time ago BOS team announced that Inter Chain Transfers are operational, so decided to give it a try.

And it worked all right - I sent 1 BOS to my EOS account, transaction went through, was confirmed so everything was looking good… well, until I tried to send it back.

This did not work, and for something like a week I am trying to find out how to do the reverse transfer. For now it appears that you can actually send BOS from BOS to EOS, and EOS from EOS to BOS but there is no way to send them back to their native chains so beware ;D

Here is the video explaining how to do the BOS (BOS) > EOS transfers.

I tried very hard but I could not find any videos on doing the reverse, so beware as it seems to be one way transfer, although I hope that this is going to be improved soon.

#eos #bos #ict