URGENT REMINDER:  If you use Jaxx Wallet -  be sure to grab your seed phrase + MIGRATE this month.  Old wallet being phased out!!  

Details and links below to help you.  Super easy to do.  

f you have one or forgot you had one, check to make sure it is not empty......

You have to migrate everything over by "Feb..." -- no hard date, they will continue this for awhile, they know people will forget, miss the news, etc...

Anyways honestly everything you need is right here in this blog post and it is super easy.


Send this to anyone that might need it. The video is about 1.5 mins long and easy to pause it 3-4 places as needed, and follow along and do it as they show on screen.

I copied a few people directly last month on my email out to people on this.  

Everything you need is here in this JAXX OFFICIAL BLOG  link!!! Honestly!!!    

Be well, Barry