Executive Summary - Growing a Global Regenerative Society V0.1

’Own The Change’

SEEEDS = Sowing Economically, Ecologically and Equitably Decentralized Societies - designed as a framework and platform to accomplish this aim and the overall aim of facilitating regenerative cultures for a healthier people and planet.

A New Story

“I believe a profound cultural transformation is already on its way. Humanity is waking up to the complexity of the challenges ahead. A new kind of individual and collective leadership is emerging in business, civil society and governance. After centuries of seeing scarcity and competition everywhere, we are waking up to the abundance that is revealed through collaboration and sharing.” - Designing Regenerative Cultures

We are participating in the convergence of environmental, economic and societal crisis. Minor adjustments in course will no longer deter or delay the opportunities we face, and "business as usual" will likely end in catastrophe.

We believe that within these crisis exists a powerful opportunity for us to radically redesign our societies to be more equitable, prosperous and healthier (for ourselves and our planet).

What we're doing is building a regenerative ‘operating system’ for humanity. Today, it is our economic and governance systems that motivate, incentivize and focus the majority of human thought, will and action. It’s our economic systems that are incentivizing the destruction of our natural world and the erosion of the pursuit of happiness.

If we'd like to see a new society we'll need to create a new economic model for that society.

Today, the creation and maintenance of economies and currencies is predominantly centralized and benefit a minority of people. How can we attempt to change our paradigm without changing the foundation of our current paradigm?

New abilities have emerged that will help us to open-source, decentralize, distribute and redirect this immense power. Humanity is in the midst of creating transparent, opt-in economies with programmable goals and incentives - SEEEDS is an example of this.

Put another way, we're creating games for humanity to collectively play by creating new rules for collaboration, for meeting our needs and for regenerating our ecosystems. We do this by creating a new economic, governance and organizational systems with this goal in mind.

Our vision is to create a more beautiful, healthy, free, and connected-society where humanity and life on our planet can more easily flourish.

A Global Shift

Recent history is marred with violent and forced experiments for alternative economic models. These are often cited when people disparage our current system to incite fear of change and maintain the status quo.

Today we have a new opportunity in how we can co-create economic models with an inherently voluntary nature. We no longer need to force entire populations to adopt a particular model to create, experiment with, or participate in new economic and societal models.

Governance and economic systems are coming to the open market.

In the near future there will be a plentitude of financial systems for people to opt-into and out-of whenever and wherever they wish. In fact, today we already have hundreds of alternative financial systems from community currencies and crypto currencies to national currencies and economies.

SEEEDS incentivizes participation by offering more voice and value to the people and platforms that use it. It does not need rely on coercion, force and punishment to gain adoption and use.

For the first time in recorded history we can build, manage and evolve voluntary and borderless economic and governance systems, with the transparent participation and consideration of any person on our planet.

The People’s Economy

At its core, SEEEDS is simply a payment platform- much like PayPal or Apple Pay. The difference is that instead of using national currencies, SEEEDS has its own currency called ‘Seeds’. Seeds are designed to be a more-stable and rewarding medium-of-exchange that enables all the participants and partner-platforms to exchange value seamlessly without any ‘middlemen’ (banks or platforms/applications(apps) like UberEats, Airbnb, Amazon, Visa, Mastercard, etc.) taking transaction fees, platform fees, international fees, giving poor exchange rates, selling your data, etc…

EOS.IO revolutionized the blockchain world by creating a operating system for fee-free transactions. SEEEDS takes this one step further, not only is there no fees, but Partners are rewarded the more they transact. SEEEDS provides the a fair share of the economic surplus from the activity that the people generate in their economy. Today the surplus from the people's economic activity concentrates at the top of our economies grossly rewarding a handful of people. SEEEDS aims to make that model obsolete by better distributing the value to the people who create it.

In addition, SEEEDS provides revenue for applications without them needing to take fees; this enables them to dramatically reduce or eliminate fees to underprice alternative applications, or as the old paradigm would call them, “their competition”.

The intention is to create a superior currency alternative. SEEEDS is owned by the Partners that comprise it and Partners receive and direct economic surpluses as the economy grows. SEEEDS provides direct compensation for their contributions to the economy. This is called “the Harvest”.

No other economy today rewards the people who truly bring the economy to life. We not only intend to reward the people, but to give the people a direct voice in the evolution and direction of their/your economy.

We aren’t depending on altruism or good-will to entice participation in a regenerative economy. SEEEDS is designed as a superior and obvious financial choice.

An online/mobile platform where people can exchange value, access applications and participate in the governance of the economy.


You’re able to send money anywhere in the world, with transaction speeds in under a second, with absolutely no fees. In fact, not only is there no fees but you’re financially rewarded for the economic volume you’re contributing to the SEEEDS economy. Thus reversing the fee model of our old financial systems providing incentives with rewards over fees.

For the whole economic story, see SEEEDS Economics.

Where do we get funding for the projects that will save humanity but may not be “profitable”?

Effective Inflation

“We’re talking about programmable money delivered directly to people for beneficial actions on the network. That’s not a model that exists in history. It has no parallel. It’s never been tried anywhere, ever. It’s a revolutionary model that fits no previous idea.” -Daniel Jefferies

Money itself is undergoing a radical evolution. We now have the capability to program our money to behave how we want and need it to. We no longer need to destroy ecosystems and cultures in search of gold, or entrust banks to write money into existence. We can embody networks that create money through programmable, transparent and open-source code, money that's designed with the well-being of people and planet in mind.

The USD economy has created over 4 trillion dollars in the last decade. Alternatively, the Bitcoin Blockchain creates over 3 billion USD worth of Bitcoin each year, all-the-while the price of each BTC has been trending up. The majority of this ‘generated value’ is spent on electricity costs. But, this waste doesn’t have to be the case. It’s merely a missed opportunity in the architecture of Bitcoin.

The real story here is that an alternative financial system (Bitcoin) was able to create its own wealth to maintain itself. What SEEEDS does is intentionally and more equitably distribute the value of the SEEEDS Economy in a diversity of economically and ecologically beneficial ways. Further, the underlying SEEEDS architecture (EOS.IO) is vastly less energy consumptive and wasteful. This allows more value to be directed towards these endeavours opposed to energy bills.

New Seeds are created with the aim to maintain an intrinsically stable value (matching circulating supply with demand changes). This facilitates a more-stable price for Seeds to address the volatility common with stable-supply or fixed inflation tokens (such as Bitcoin). Or the depreciation common with national currencies (with some USD annual depreciation calculations as high as 7-14%). We believe this is also superior to “stable coins” as these coins are only as stable as the assets they are fixed to - which for national currencies are depreciating in value.

Adoption of new currencies will require that alternatives are more stable in order to be a useful and dependable medium of exchange, store of value and unit of account.

The healthier the SEEEDS economy the more Seeds we can create, while maintaining the relative value of each Seed. The more Seeds we can create, the more we can reward the people, platforms and communities of our economy, grow our global society and regenerate our planet. This creates a positive growth feedback loop that further grows the economy and in turn, heals our ecologies and societies.

To say this another way: opposed to distributing (and concentrating) wealth in the form of rising token prices- which is common in the cryptocurrency space - new Seeds are created, destroyed, and locked-out of circulation (to maintain a more-stable value) that are able to fund the expansion, maintenance and wellbeing of our economy, the people that comprise it (through rewarding beneficial behaviour) and the regeneration of our planet.

*Digiconomist released peer-reviewed research showing that DPoS (EOS.IO) is 66,454 times more energy-efficient than Bitcoin, and 17,236 times more energy-efficient than Ethereum.

Supporting the Regenerative Movements

SEEEDS aims to be an economic foundation for the myriad of movements that are tirelessly creating a more beautiful world. Allowing them to conduct their business through SEEEDS and amplify their regenerative effects - opposed to fueling the alternative economies and currencies that are driving the destruction of our societies and biosphere.

SEEEDS aims to first support and finance the Local Food Movements that seek to localize and heal our food systems, thus healing ourselves and our planet while creating an economic structure that finances purposeful and passionate endeavours (See Local Food Economy for more).

This would make using Seeds not only a financially sound option, but a healthier one for people and planet as well.

Seeking Systems Level Change

What if application developers could create apps and earn revenue from these apps without having to charge any sort of fee, or take directly from the people who used them (such as their data or attention)? Imagine how this would change our entrepreneurial approach to creating applications.

What if our driving economic decision was not “how do I take value from customers” but, it was simply “what’s the most useful thing I can build for my society”? Without taking anything from the society, the society as a whole could provide rewards based on use and other societally-determined beneficial metrics

The same architecture that is used to reward all Partners of the system is used to reward developers for the value their creations (applications) bring to SEEEDS. This provides financial rewards to developers for successful applications without the need to charge users fees. This facilitates ‘better-than-free’ apps which is mandatory for many of the ‘Sharing Economy’ apps we envision (such as a local P2P food system) and aim to support.

When you support your economy, your economy supports you. When you enrich your society, your society enriches you.

These apps will be able to offer superior pricing to any existing platforms from Airbnb and Ebay to UberEats and Deliveroo, as they won’t need to charge as high of fees (or fees at all), or any other method of exploitation to generate revenue to function and reward the creators and maintainers of these platforms.

Applications on SEEEDS have an economic advantage over incumbents (think UberEats, GrubHub, Airbnb, etc) that either charge fees, sell data, or advertise to monetize.

Scenario UberEats:

UberEats takes a ~30% cut of an orders total value, this is in addition to the delivery fee the customer is paying. A credit card processing fee of ~3% is also charged to Uber and indirectly to the customer.

Instead of ordering your meal on UberEats, you order the same meal on Light Food.

Now you, the restaurant and the delivery person (or vehicle) share the 33% savings and increased revenue that is no longer being siphoned off.

You get the same service and meal just ~15% cheaper and you get to build your account value on SEEEDS - which further rewards you. Additionally, the restaurant gets at least 15% more revenue, no value is siphoned off by Uber and you’re financially supporting a regenerative economy.

Scenario Amazon:

Amazon charges merchants fees (which can also be as high as 30%) for all orders that are made on its marketplace. This includes merchants who are not utilizing Amazon's warehouses or delivery infrastructure.

Imagine instead alternatives to these two behemoths (and all other application marketplaces) that reward users for activity on the platforms, opposed to charging fees?

Platforms that build on SEEEDS or integrate a Seeds payment gateway would be able to charge significantly less fees, or no fees at all, and still gain financial rewards for the economic value their platforms bring to the whole economy.

*Amazon and Uber could both gain this benefit by simply allowing customers an option to pay in Seeds. They could reduce the price upfront, or simply enjoy the increase in revenue when users pay in Seeds.

See how we do this here: SEEEDS Economics II

An Application Economy

SEEEDS is designed to be an ideal environment for builders and users of applications. Applications in this sense, are not just the things you find on your phone. Applications in this term are any ‘application’ of the SEEEDS payment system. Organizations, websites, physical merchants, and even farmers market stalls could all set up an “application” account and host their business on it.

We don’t wish to have to build alternatives to every application and business out there. We want to simply provide tools to join this new society and make it the financially obvious choice.

For example, Airbnb could integrate SEEEDS into its payment system and for every person who chooses to pay in Seeds (the currency) would:

  1. Provide more revenue for Airbnb.
  2. Reduce payment fees as there would be no payment processing fees (such as Visa charges).
  3. No international fees or unfavourable exchange rates.
  4. Rewards the user as they build their account value on SEEEDS.
  5. Support a healthier economy and increase value directed towards regenerative projects, their local communities, and their own wallets.

Those are merely the financial rewards associated with implementing SEEEDS. As other benefits include:

  1. Gaining a voice in the governance of SEEEDS.
  2. Gaining a community of incentivized applications that are now financially motivated to support Airbnb.
  3. Gain an incentivized community of users that would use Airbnb over alternatives that don’t offer a Seeds payment option.
  4. Leading the charge knowing that our efforts for creating a more beautiful world are being amplified through SEEEDS.

We believe many platforms would be willing to add such an option for their customers and communities, or risk losing them to more-competitive alternatives that do.

Access a library of applications from your web or mobile portal using a single account. SEEEDS provides one account for all the apps in the economy. It would be like having one secure account for your Amazon, Deliveroo, Lyft, Fiver, UberEats and other applications.

App Library

The Seeds Library is a curated registry of applications that accept Seeds and have a strong ethical, regenerative and/or healing locus. Any application can accept Seeds, but only a select number of applications will be featured in the Library.

Before platform launch this Library will be built by the core team by hand-selecting Partner platforms to be part of our “launch team”.

Partner applications will be:

the first to integrate a Seeds payment API into your site or application;

provided a delegation to cover your transaction bandwidth for 1 year;

receiving routine promotion from our marketing team;

one of the most – if not the most – financially competitive app./org. in your market;

receiving rewards for the transactions your app facilitates (no more fees from Square, Visa, Paypal, app stores, etc);

highlighted in our SEEEDS Library and gain access to a community of incentivized Partners for your cause,

trailblazing the creation of a global and regenerative society.

We’re looking to first support the applications, organizations and movements that are focused on the big vision of creating a healthier & equitable society. If you’re one of them – [apply here] to be one of our Launch Partners.

A Cooperative Economy

“Once sharing is built into our financial models, legal structures, and into the very backbone of our economy — Cooperation will be a foregone conclusion. Sharing no longer a trend, but rather an axiom for survival.”

-Chelsea Rustrum (Hackernoon)

Rewards for applications come from the health and success of the economy as a whole - once disparate applications will now have a financial incentive to collaborate with each other.

Imagine if Amazon and Uber had an economic incentive to share technological advancements and “insider information” for the benefit of society as a whole?

With this, the paradigm of pure competition is obsolete - bringing in an age of cooperation. There is still competition, but it becomes a secondary financial incentive and behaviour driver.

The decentralized cooperative is superior to centralized corporations as they are better at distributing voice and value to the people whom comprise them. Blockchain is enabling the creation of DAC’s Decentralized Autonomous Cooperatives which are more efficient and effective forms of governing and managing cooperatives at scale.

We believe these combinations will facilitate mass adoption of this new economy, resulting in an economy that matches our dominant societies drive for technological innovation and the planet’s (as well as humanity’s) need for a sustainable and regenerative transition.

The future is open-sourced.


Light Food (The Local Food Economy) and Eva (a more-equitable ridesharing app) would have a financial incentive to collaborate, share ideas, co-evolve their applications, open new markets together, build joint code, etc. They are competing with each other to provide more value to the SEEEDS economy (for a larger share of a pool of funds) while simultaneously collaborating to grow the total value of that pool. They have a vested interest in helping other apps succeed as the “others” success is literally their success as the whole economy grows (and with it their own revenue).

See how we do this here: Apps Contribution Score

A Regenerative Economy

SEEEDS aims to be the nexus of the regenerative movement by bringing together a myriad of applications and people that are focusing our collective will and value towards healing our global societies. We aim to provide support to the projects that are helping society transition into a more holistic and regenerative culture. Further, SEEEDS focus is on supporting and growing applications that are facilitating the Local Food Movement.

A fixed (12.5%) and increasing share (1.25%-2.5% annually) of economic rewards are distributed to our largest single partner, biosphere earth. These funds are earmarked for biosphere regeneration projects. This will provide a funding source for projects that are designed to clean up our polluted environments, replant diverse native forests, create food forests in local communities, reverse desertification, heal and clean our waters and regenerate the health of our planet. Earth stewards can have funding for these projects without needing to find a way to make their endeavours profitable.

The Partners of SEEEDS can choose to commit more value (above the 12.5%) to regenerative projects as we collectively deem fit and as the health of our economy allows- through voting and use of our respective DAC's.

In the USD dollar economy the Federal Reserve was able to create nearly 4 trillion dollars in the last decade (globally central banks created over 12 trillion). If this money, (just the money one bank, of one country, created in just one decade) was directed towards ecosystem restoration- we could be well on our way (if not entirely) towards avoiding ecosystem collapse, ending world hunger (50+ times over) and creating paradise on earth.

The ecological crisis we are facing today may actually be an opportunity - by providing the urgency that humanity needs to come together and transcend our current societal models and usher in new systems for human collaboration.

Growing Globally | Healing Locally - Localizing Value

A share of all economic growth is disbursed directly to the bioregional communities that comprise the SEEEDS economy (relative to that region’s overall contribution). These funds are to be used however those communities decide (through voting in their Decentralized Autonomous Cooperatives). This can be used to expand the local SEEEDS impact, regenerate physical bioregions, offer interest-free loans to Partners, and provide grants to organizations or purposes the community cares about.

This directly reverses the effects of multinational corporations that siphon value from local communities. SEEEDS provides additional revenue and organizing/governance capabilities for people to directly meet their needs, and the needs of their communities.

Imagine if there was a stream of funds that could be directly dispersed by your community, for your community, with full transparency, open collaboration, and direct voting.


Free Food!

Imagine if you could easily propose to your neighbourhood an idea to create a free “food forest” for you all to freely share. A place that would provide the optimum nutrition for you and your family. Imagine you didn’t have to fund it yourself, nor ask any money from neighbours, but could simply agree that it was a good idea and on the best way to do it. Then if enough of your neighbours agreed, it could be financed using communal funds that were provided by the economy as a whole, for just this purpose.

Usury (interest) Free Loans

You’ve just joined the Local Food Economy as a biodynamic winemaker and mushroom grower. You’re Light Food account is rapidly growing and you're selling out within hours. People love what you have, but you just can’t keep up with the growing demand for your amazing creations. Further, you want to expand your operation to include other health and happiness promoting fermented beverages.

Within SEEEDS you simply create a proposal to ask for an interest-free loan from the pool of funds that your community manages. Within your proposal you have the history of your success visible to all, and many of the people voting on this proposal are likely happy customers of yours.

If the community deems your proposal worthy of funding - funds are provided to you and smart-contracts can ensure that you’re making micro-payments back on your loan with each of your future sales. You no longer need to convince a bank to give you a loan (with interest attached) you can get it straight from the community you aim to serve without them having to give you a single Seed out of their own wallets!

Co-Kitchen Space

Some regions in out plant don't allow for home-bases meal preparation. Although we intend to finance the organizations changing these archaic laws, we also intend for communities to solve this problem up-front. Communities would be able to use communal funds to purchase commercial kitchen space to be used by the Partners of SEEEDS. Partners in this space would pay a fee back to their community for the use of these kitchens and the community benefits with increased access to locally prepared meals.

Access your bioregions DAC (Co-Op) where you can participate in distributing communal funds for various local projects.

See SEEEDS Organizations for more.

A Local Food Economy

Regional and global funding is primarily (in the beginning) directed to grow the Local Food Movement. Providing funding, resources and incentivized participation to create local food systems. We intend to direct value towards the creation and evolution of Local Food Economies with education from permaculture gardening, regenerative & organic farming, small scale- home cooking (with laws passing in CA that legalize home-scale restaurants) to healthy diets, healthy lifestyle, and small-scale regenerative enterprise. Funding to expand local businesses can come from SEEEDS Partners local Co-Op. Further, since the regional communities are invested in the success of these enterprises (as it’s their collective funds that finananced them) communities have an economic incentive to support each other's success. This is all aimed at creating more resilient local communities and food sovereignty.

Being financially invested in the success of your neighbors and the local food systems may lead to a society that values collaboration and mutual support over competition.

Light Food- along with a variety of partner food organizations - intends to be the foundation where the Local Food Economy can flourish connecting land/lawn renters, growers, chefs, transporters, eaters, composters and reusable containers in an organized web.

Light Food's mantra:

What if the cheapest most convenient food was also the healthiest for you and the planet too?

Evolving Governance - Weighted Direct Democracy

When the creators of our present pseudo-democracies (republics, or more accurately oligarchies) imagined a better government over 200 years ago, they didn't have a concept of the internet (the ability for instantaneous communication and value transfer) and they certainly didn't know about blockchain (the ability to decentralize truth at scale).

For this reason, it wasn’t practical to imagine then what is presently possible.

The SEEEDS governance model aims to address democratic faults from voter-apathy, vote-wasting, majority 'mob' rule, binary choices, frivolous voting, and more.

SEEEDS is not a business, it is a decentralized economy. What we’re governing then, is a financial system.

Right now we have centralized corporations lobbying centralized governments corroborating with centralized and private banks that direct our financial system.

SEEEDS is a decentralized economy and a direct peer-to-peer governing framework with its own decentralized banking structure and organizations which are truly owned and directed ‘by the people - for the people.’

No longer do we need others to represent our interests. We can finally represent ourselves.

With SEEEDS you have a direct and measurable voice in the governance of your financial system.


Funding Proposals

Imagine you were able to directly propose to your national government funds for a project you believe would provide value to the world and the people of your country. Now, imagine that instead of a few people behind closed doors deciding the merits of this proposal- that it was open to the entire country to critique and co-create this proposal of yours. Now, imagine that the people could directly vote on whether or not to fund this proposal with government funds - and it was truly the people that were able to decide what they wanted and how government funds were spent.


Imagine that you, as a citizen and not a political representative or lobbyist, were able to propose law changes. Imagine that these proposals could go through a similar co-creative process with the citizenry of the your nation to received sufficient support from the citizens. Now, imagine that after support was received the law went out to all the citizens of your country to be voted upon, and if passed, it was implemented. Imagine if there was no need for political representatives to decide what laws were allowed to be voted on by the people - imagine a government that was truly for, and by the people.

In effect, this is how the SEEEDS governance process works as a co-creative endeavour led and decided upon directly by the people without the need for political or corporate middlemen.

To further upgrade our democratic processes SEEEDS created and employs a model called ‘Liquid Tokenized Direct Democracy’. See SEEEDS Governance for more.

Healing Habits

We believe that people change destructive habits, not when they're guilted enough, but when they meet the underlying need that was going unmet - and/or when a superior alternative presents itself.

For example, many people won't buy organic even if they know it's better for them - because it’s typically more expensive or harder to obtain. However, many more people would choose organic if it were cheaper and more convenient than the pesticide and herbicide covered alternative.

Many people are hesitant to join new models for society when it asks for them to sacrifice, “give up”, or be inconvenienced. But, if there were a more convenient, cheaper, financially rewarding, and empowering alternative that was as easy to use - one that didn’t require people to radically alter their lives - they would be much more inclined to participate. That is the aim of SEEEDS, to provide a convenient alternative and operating system for a healthier society - one that doesn’t require a radical change in lifestyle.

All SEEEDS asks is that you get rewarded for your financial exchanges, that you’re given a real and direct voice in the systems you inhabit, and that you have access to more funding to build and do beautiful things. You can do all of this from the comfort of your home and current lifestyle. We still encourage radical change, and aim to fund projects that facilitate this radical change - It’s just not required to support this transition to a healthier society.

Dynamic Evolving Bridge

“The universal patterns and principles the cosmos uses to build stable, healthy, and sustainable systems throughout the real world can and must be used as a model for economic-system design.”

-J. Fullerton, Regenerative Capitalism

There are a lot of radical ideas for how to manage society, and many of these beautiful designs have been around for a long time. What could have prevented these designs from succeeding was how different they were from our present systems. They required far too much change for people and systems to implement and adopt - and often require “top down” solutions.

SEEEDS is a “bottom up” transition that aims to be a bridge to whatever society we are able to collectively conceive. The structure in practice is not much different than what we have today, it’s just the outcome and distribution of rewards that have been altered.

The majority of people who enter the SEEEDS economy will likely do so because it's simply a cheaper and more rewarding option for exchanging value - no more difficult than using PayPal or Apple Pay.

Economic evolution is driven by the people whom comprise it, and as it grows the people are able to generate better ideas and direct more value towards realizing them and evolve the system to better meet ours and our planet’s needs.

SEEEDS intends to be the bridge to better drive and direct our evolving paradigm. Once the people have control of our systems, and we have better governance systems to drive change, we can actually begin to collectively address humanity’s challenges and leverage value and creativity to overcome them. SEEEDS is an economy that's truly 'by and for the people’, as it's directly governed by all who comprise it. It is our collective responsibility (ability to respond) to evolve the system to better meet ours and our biosphere’s needs.

This is the role of humanity, ever evolving into new states of being. We are in the process of our next evolution and require better systems to facilitate it.

SEEEDS at the surface may not appear all that different than what we have today. This is intentional, as we believed we couldn't change too much in order to shepherd the mass adoption required to shift society. But this system is dynamic, it's meant to be a bridge to the new society that we can envision in our hearts but hardly know a route towards. While it also grows, morphs and adapts over time to better meet the needs of the society.

SEEEDS is a story for a new society, continually co-created by the people that choose to participate. A story capable of carrying humanity into the 21st century and addressing some of humanity's many critical opportunities.

Would you rather be at the edge of co-creating a new story, forging a new path; or allowing your story to be created for you?


TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)


Sowing Economically, Ecologically & Equitably Decentralized Societies

We the people - in order to realize a healthier global society are building and joining systems that empower our voices and align our will towards regenerating our global ecosystems, creating equitable societies and transitioning towards a more beautiful world.

The internet, P2P (Peer to Peer) platforms, and Cryptocurrency are the foundations for an economy that's owned and directed by the people that comprise it.

SEEEDS is an economy that will facilitate fee-free online marketplaces. Providing financially superior alternatives to the destructive monopolies- and concentrations of wealth and power- of today's tech and financial giants. Applications built with SEEEDS can earn revenue from SEEEDS without charging fees.

We intend to leverage this technology to first facilitate, finance, support and promote the Local Food Movement. A movement that the U.N. claims is necessary to stave off environmental catastrophe and avoid widespread food shortages. A movement that provides the healthiest most delicious food- that's better for us, our planet and our finances. A movement required to regenerate and heal our planet's ecosystems.

This architecture allows us to redesign governance models and economies from the ground up. To dynamically serve our planet and our needs- opposed to myopic interests and oligarchies.

Seeds is a currency that rewards people for spending it, opposed to paying fees. Making it a “better-than- free” currency. Gaining adoption through providing a superior alternative payment method.

This new economy better distributes voice and value throughout the system, returning value back to local communities, towards projects people actually care about, ecosystem restoration and directly to the people in the economy.

We’re building a future that Is healthier, peer-to-peer, cooperative, open-source, transparent, abundant, and equitable. A future that is not only more beautiful, but required, if this experiment called 'civilization' is going to continue.

SEEEDS Mission

  1. SEEEDS is designed as an economic system for a new social ‘operating system’ - programmed and intended to achieve the following goals:
  2. To create a global, transparent, equitable economy that better distributes voice and value to the people and planet that comprise it.
  3. To facilitate, finance, promote and support the Local Food Movement through the creation of a decentralized Local Food Economy.
  4. To align financial self-Interest with the regeneration of our planet - to incentivize and facilitate the creation of healthier societies that better generate and distribute voice and value.
  5. To disintermediate parasitic operations from our governing, financial and organizational institutions. To better distribute resources and power to the whole - for the benefit of our planet and future societies.
  6. To provide tools and a platform to financially incentivize the convenient creation of healthier societies.

To sum up, the aim is simply the realization of a distributed and global regenerative society - one that's equitable as well as ecologically and economically decentralized. A society designed to create a more harmonious civilization for people and planet. How we go about getting there will require the collaborative effort of a wide diversity of people, each bringing their own perspectives and values towards this shared aim.

SEEEDS is designed as a platform to bring these perspectives to light and direct value and resources towards our collective aims. For this purpose, SEEEDS is an economy with its own financial, governing and organizational systems to accomplish this vision.

For the broader story:

SEEEDS White Deck

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