I'm jumping in here with you!

Hey, I'm Cece (that's me in the photo!), I'm a small town gal, Canadian-born ex-bartending, carnivore socialite turned plant-based chef, foodie, wildly-raw story-teller and what I like to describe as inspiration activist!

How exactly does one go from consuming a bottle of tequila and waking up with no recollection of the night before on a daily/nightly basis with a record of mistakes and regret to moving half way across the world, living in a tropical paradise practicing mindfulness, energy healing, studying self-development and feeding the world deliciously crafted meals from the garden? (I guess it's like some Freaky-Friday stuff now that I think about it!) 😉

Well, my new friends and audience... hang around to find out all about that. I have more than my fair share of outrageous stories I'll drop here from both sides of my multiple personality mentioned above. I also have fantastic, easy to make at home (and some challenging triumphant) meals/recipe ideas and I generally try to entice the corners of your lips to crease towards the sky, thus creating one of your best traits -- a smile! 

Hope to catch you around soon! I'm looking forward to moving in with ya'll!

See ya soon,
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