Public Release Candidate Attila 1.9.0 Release Notes

How’s it going, guys? Here's our second release this year, and it brings some huge improvements with it!

New features:

New comments display logic and input form

  • Comments are now automatically shown depending on the context
  • Added 3-rd level of replies
  • Added comment and reply grouping
  • New comments and replies are placed below existing comment and reply groups
  • Number of comments displayed by default depends on the context

FAQ page

  • Added lots of new terms to Glossary
  • Added lots of new questions and answers
  • Added internal navigation
  • Added categories navigation: U°Community, U°OS, Glossary

New preview cards for posts, publications and reposts

Publication editor improvements

  • '+' now appears on the lines with title, description, text placeholders
  • Clicking anywhere on the publication page now selects the last text line
  • Images can now be selected and deleted as a text line
  • Ctrl+A should now select all content, including images
  • Images can be now navigated like usual text lines

Other fixes:

Fixed any text with a '@' recognized as a mention

First external contribution by Kennybll!

Fixed 404 at

Thanks! It may be a small step for Kenneth Bennett, but a giant leap for U°Community!

You can always suggest your ideas or jump into development right here:

You can track our releases directly on GitHub:

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