Obituary coin

or VIP version of funerary memorabilia

1/8 of a thaler, silver coin minted in 1659 to commemorate the death and funeral of the princess of Silesia, wife of John III of Brieg, ruling prince at that time.

For those who don't know, Silesia is a province located today in South-Western Poland.

  (Av.) SOPHIA CATHARINA DUCISS(a) SILES(iae) LIGN(icensis) BREG(ensis)

English: Sophie Catherine, Princess of Silesia, Liegnitz and Brieg

(Rv.) PENULTIMA E STIRPE DUC(um) MON-STERB(ergensium) OLSN(ensium) COMIT(um) GLAC(ensium);

NATA / A(nn)O I60I D(ie) 2 SEPT(embris) / NUPTA / I638 D(ie) 22 FEBR(uarii) / DENATA / I659 D(ie) 2I MART(ii) / EIN HALB REICHS / ORTH

English: Born September 2, 1601 / Married February 22, 1638 / Died March 21, 1659

Those coins were not really intended for general circulation and were given to those who were invited for a funeral of the princess. Nevertheless, the coin had the fixed face value corresponding to monetary standard in force and could be used as legal tender at that time.

Its an interesting example of early commemorative coin - not minted for collectors like those shiny things they market today.

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