Silver Is Ready For TAKEOFF! - Is THIS A Bull Market?

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Greg Crowe of Silver One Resources about the incredibly bullish climate for gold and silver, especially silver.

For years, we saw an artificially propped up stock market and now we are seeing the stock market take a tumble. The volatility is out of control and all the while we are seeing a historic form of wealth insurance begin to climb. For 60 days straight silver has been climbing and considering the gold/silver ratio we could be seeing a bull market on the near horizon.

Let's remember that silver can be used in countless electronics. Even if the future is digital, that digital technology will very likely utilize silver. The film industry also uses silver in silver nitrite film. It's used in manufacturing and we obviously cannot forget jewelry.

Silver has both industrial and precious quality to it which is why it stands out above so many other commodities and if we take a glimpse back at history it's one of the most prevalent forms of money and wealth insurance. It's scarce, has great forms of use and as always, is in demand.

Mr. Crowe explains why we may be entering a bullish market and talks about his company Silver One Resources (which trades in Canada as SVE and in the United States as SLVRF) as the company's cheap valuation could lead to big gains in the near future as silver returns to a potential major buy. His mining operations are drawing a lot of attention, including by people like Keith Neumeyer who has earned the title of "Mr. Silver" and has started a billion dollar silver conglomerate. Clearly a vote of confidence!

Mr. Crowe explains the future of the mining operation in Nevada and why people should consider looking at the company going forward.

Do your due diligence people! We love to present you with ideas, but this is not investment advice, it's simply information that can lead you to make your own decisions.

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