Tomorrow's topic will introduce U.Community as opportunity for content producers.

Open office is an EOS Community initiative that brings us together to discuss, collaborate, share ideas and knowledge and build long lasting relationships. The goal is to share our experience via regular educational talks, community created workshops and meetings all synchronized in different parts of the world.

EOS Open Office is open for anyone interested in joining and building the EOS Community. EOS Nation & EOS Gravity are simply kicking it off, we are here to help you get things rolling by providing you with educational materials, topics and educational support. We will also provide some posters and branding materials.

Start building your local EOS community. Start with just a few people and be amazed how quickly it grows.

Each week we will provide you with a topic: For example, this weeks topic is “Trybe, Everipedia, U.Community. Making money with content production on EOS based projects”

Presentations will be starting at 8pm during your local Time Zone. Contact our social media groups for more information.