Hassle-free purchase of ETH, DAI and USDC

All you will need is an email address, Ethereum address and European bank account

If you are looking for cost-efficient way to buy ETH or DAI & USDC stable-coins then try Ramp:


All you will need is an email address, Ethereum address and Revolut, an account with another UK bank (most UK banks will work), or an EUR account with any bank supporting SEPA payments. Buying with GBP from Revolut or UK bank account provides the best user experience, but you can also buy with EUR from Revolut or any other EUR bank account.

Purchases with GBP are fastest, but EUR from Revolut works pretty well too, while purchases made with standard SEPA transfers will take longer to settle.

You will see the total you will be paying up front, no hidden fees, no tricks with extra cost added at the end, and for purchases up to ~100 EUR equivalent no ID is necessary.

With GBP account and faster payment the settlement is almost instant (1-2 minutes on the average).

With no hidden fees, very low minimum transaction and beautifully simple flow it is one of the best ways to buy Ethereum and two major stable coins: DAI and USDC.

The platform is P2P, trustless and non-custodial - there is also an option to sell your crypto-assets through Ramp but I will describe this in my next post :-)

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