There are weird things going on with BitForex and UOS

I have been actively trading UOS on BitForex, but it is only against a bot

The above are the type of orders I have been placing on the exchange recently to test what is going on. The reason that they are only 40 UOS orders is that 40 is the minimum order amount for UOS.

I noticed that if I closed the spread with orders that something would always buy my orders. The below orders are all mine. I wanted to see if the bot would buy a big order if I put it in the correct place, and it totally did! 125k UOS was purchased in two separate orders. 0.0125 BTC or approximately $80 USD.

The sad thing is that I have been on this exchange since before the main net launched, and since the main net launched there has been near zero trading from real people. The order books have consistently been "only" purchases and in values from around 10k UOS to 20k UOS and are in a regular schedule. I wish you could look up the past order books all the way, I would like to see that.

Please leave any commentary below, I would like to hear others' voices on this topic.

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