Launching Bankrun.Org

The End of the Global Banking System is Near

I think it is important to start preparing ourselves for what is coming. 

With COVID-19 being the needle that popped the debt balloon, we are in for the ride of our lives. As governments print Trillions of Dollars and Central Banks doing the same and putting in extraordinary measures, we will see a lot of chaos in this world in the coming months.

This site is meant for all of you to get up to date and share local information on what is happening in your local area with banking and the money and even prices of goods and services.

It will be a platform for global collaboration of news to keep everyone informed as mainstream media will do everything it can together with governments to keep you stupid and in the dark.

A lot of more to come on this site. News stream will arrive within this week, and potential forums will be created as well. Stay Tuned and enjoy the bank run risk map. I will update every month.

You can also donate to this project to help us get the best possible content out there to our global population!