Biggest stock market crash in history – black swan coronavirus has landed

The stock market has just had its biggest crash in history, with the Dow Jones falling 1191 points according to reports. I don’t trade stocks at all, but this is significant since everything is interconnected in the world today. And while it was already at an all time high and a roll over or turn around was imminent in the stock market, it seems that the coronavirus was the last straw, so to speak.

 With China in lock-down and the global supply chain thus coming to a standstill, the knock-on effects are being seen now. When China sneezes, they used to say, the world catches a cold. Well China is not only sneezing but catching the deadliest virus in modern history, by the looks of it. And the world is now feeling the strain.

With manufacturing at a standstill in China due to the massive lock-down, the world who now depends on China for a constant supply of goods, is experiencing a shortfall. Big corporations are running out of products to stock the shops, or running out of parts to make the products to stock the shelves. This is the knock on effect. And the results are seen in the stock market crash. USA as well as Asian stocks have all plummeted this week.

So this is indeed an historic time economically as well as socially and medically for the planet. That is a fact. Just look at the numbers. The global economy was on the edge and expected to crash into a massive historic recession without the coronavirus already. It was expected and it was just a matter of time. At this precarious point in the global economic history, the virus hit and it’s now looking like game over for many.

Even if you don’t catch the virus, the economy will collapse and jobs will be lost and the Great Depression will arrive. It has already arrived in China. Food shortages were already happening due to climate disasters. Swine flu just wiped out a quarter of all pigs on the planet, either directly or due to culling. So food is running out in China where pig is the favorite dish apparently. Grains are in global short supply due to massive flooding in the USA last year, and climate difficulties in other countries globally. So food security was already vulnerable.

Can you even count all the global disasters that were lining up to fall like a row of dominoes? Food, weather, economy and now health. And that is without even adding political instability, the refugee crisis and jihad trying to take over the world. That’s around seven global catastrophes all lined up. And now they are collapsing into each other with ripple effects that may be here to stay, as one knocks over the other in a line of fragile sock puppets or nesting dolls placed there by the elite, knowingly or unknowingly.

And the result is their agenda that apparently has been planned some say, to wipe out the population, or at least cull the mass of us. Agenda 21 perhaps, or Agenda 2030. Anyway, this all coincides with the solar minimum which is hitting this year and gets worse next year, when the regular sunspot cycle reaches its lowest point in the usual 11 year cycle. Nothing odd there, but there is, according to some, a correlation between sun spot cycles and global events. We are affected by the sun, both directly and indirectly, via its radiation that hits us and affects our earth’s atmosphere.

The bad part is that this current solar minimum is apparently being called the Grand Solar Minimum because it is particularly minimal. It is the lowest solar minimum in hundreds of years, and could lead to what is being called a mini ice age, where cold ruins crops still further. Since the climate is already freaking out, and causing havoc with food growth globally, it appears to be working.

Let’s not be naive now. When the stock market – like the S&P500 – falls 12% in a matter of days, it’s dire. In fact an 18% crash is considered a recession officially. So overnight we seem to be heading into a recession. It’s been a long time coming, and I would say it is here and it’s not going away any time soon. The global economy was never really fixed after the 2008 recession, it was patched up with a band aid, but the wound was always there.

The elite economists of the world are the con artists who are engaging in criminal and selfish practices and are allowed to get away with it because the system is run by Mafia types, from politics to banks to pension schemes to stock markets – all of the top level institutions are using fraudulent and criminal practices, especially the central banks and money printers. I have listened to many experts and insiders calling it like it is – a crime of the century, for which very few bankers went to jail. Too big to jail, they call them.

It’s a joke and it’s on us, the person in main street, while Wall street laughs at us, all the way to the bank. Well, here comes a repercussion. The global economy was going to collapse at some point and that point is now. Are you ready player one? Don’t believe a nobody like me. Do your own research. All the facts are there online for you. And now coronavirus has broken the camel’s back as well as China’s economy, which itself was in slowdown before it even arrived. This is potentially the worst global catastrophe in our lifetimes, and I was born during the Vietnam war baby.

The last earth -shattering event of this size was 9/11, in the sense that it was unprecedented in our lifetimes, and it changed the course of political history. It marked the point in history where the world shifted, psychologically and militarily. We all suddenly realized that we are all vulnerable to such a disaster at any moment anywhere. If the terrorists can make it there, they can make it anywhere, New York New York. If only Frank Sinatra Knew how right he was.

9/11 allowed the global elite to bring out a justification to bomb or kill anyone anywhere in any country at any time without sanction from the UN at all. And they did. And still do, in the name of the “war on terror”. That’s how false flags work. Now we have the next one, called the war on coronavirus. It will allow them the pretext to lock down all of us in any city anywhere globally in the name of quarantine. China is now on a war status internally, like martial law. You step outside without your mask and you’re beaten up or arrested. Similarly Australia has declared a state of pandemic. San Francisco has declared a state of emergency.

Martial law will come to every country or city that has a breakout of coronavirus. It’s already too late to go back to normal. Even if there were no more cases tomorrow, and the Chinese could go back to work, the damage has already been done. The supply chain is weeks if not months behind globally. Look at the oil price, it is tanking due to lack of demand for oil to run tankers and the economy in general. Entire nations depend on that oil price. And businesses are collapsing in China obviously due to standstill. So China has hit a brick wall and will nose dive into a depression in my opinion.

And the world will follow because China is the engine room of the global economy. Chinese banks will collapse and the knock-on effect...ironically called contagion....will hit all the other banks globally. So I have put my sunny holiday blog posts on hold today to share this more important info with you. Stay safe and let’s see if this will blow over. At least air pollution has dropped massively in China now. There are blessings all around us, it just depends on our perspective. If the economy does go to the dogs, then be sure to jail some of your bankers, the coronavirus is just a catalyst. The bankers are the real criminals in any economic depression.

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