Did the CIA invent Bitcoin?

We may never know for sure just who the elusive inventor of Bitcoin really was, back then in 2008. He, she or they are known by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, and therein may lie a clue. Satoshi corresponded with others during the months leading up to the Bitcoin blockchain launch on January 3 2009. His messages were on the Bitcoin Talk forum for all to see. But as for who it is that hides behind that mask, some are speculating that it may be the CIA.

We all know that the CIA is the secret service of USA, no secret there, but many don’t realize that they commit some of the worst crimes on the planet – in the name of USA national security of course. They also lie, cheat and steal, like any healthy spy ring. And they listen in on your calls. They also have been caught out as the agency behind the security company Crypto AG, who built and sold encryption tools for numerous countries around the globe for decades. They used the “storefront” to sell spyware or encryption tools to around 120 sovereign governments, and then spied on them via a back door in that tool. How crooked is that?

Anyway, this is not a comment on the obvious criminality of the agency meant to curtail criminality. This is a discussion about whether the CIA also built the Bitcoin blockchain. Facts have surfaced that reveal to us how the CIA already used encryption for decades, since after WW2. And the CIA also used the system known as SHA – 256, which is the central component used by Satoshi in building the Bitcoin blockchain. Actually the NSA, as powerful as the CIA in America, released SHA – 256 (Secure Hashing Algorithm) capabilities to the public in 2001 already, so anyone could have made use of it after that.

Therefore we can never say for sure, just yet, that the CIA was behind the coding of the Bitcoin blockchain. They were behind much that went on illegally on the political and social front over the past decades, so nobody would be surprised if it was them. I mean if they can secretly sell your country encrypting capabilities so that they can spy on you and take your information and money, then they can do anything. They have already killed countless innocents so will feel no shame in stealing whole countries, entire bank accounts of certain countries, killing countless more innocents and assassinating their own president to appease the New World Order Illuminati bankers, so they very possibly are Satoshi.

But this is still not proven. One interesting irony that might leave you wondering still further is hidden in the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto itself. The name Nakamoto in Japanese literally means “central” as in “middle”. And the name Satoshi literally means “enlightened”, “wise” or “intelligent. Did you see the correlation there? Satoshi Nakamoto means “Central Intelligence”. There it is in plain sight. I doubt the CIA would leave such an obvious clue, but the coincidence is just too close to home. What are the chances of such a thing happening by accident? Not much when you are dealing with cryptographers, cypherpunks or even secret services. So although we may never know who Satoshi was, or if the CIA is actually the one who revealed the Bitcoin blockchain to the world – for whatever nefarious purpose – I can’t help but feel left with a suspicious feeling based on the unanswered questions around the name Satoshi Nakamoto.

I will leave it to you to decide. Perhaps more information will emerge in time that can add to the clouded picture of Bitcoin’s origins. What is your opinion? Do you think the CIA invented Bitcoin so that they could track illicit movement of funds? Or is Satoshi the Robin Hood of the modern financial world, helping us to escape the clutches of the directly criminal banksters? Leave your insights in the comments below. And Satoshi – or CIA – if you’re reading this, then you know that your secret is out. 


(image source Pixabay)