UºOS Collection from Beyond Anything is NOW LIVE

Check out our growing selection of UºOS clothing!

We have been excited for the main net launch for a while now. What better way to celebrate than to make an entire collection for UºOS? That's why we are here! https://beyondanything.net/collections/uºos 

You can even purchase these with Bitcoin! But wait, there's more!


We now accept UºOS for payments!

Stay with us here.

There isn't a really good way for us to do this yet, but what we can do is leverage the blockchain that is UºOS! We will take current market value of UºOS based on CoinMarketCap and evaluate the exchange to the cost of the clothing. Periodically, we will post a publication (like this one) with a UºOS-to-clothing exchange rate that is valid for a certain amount of time. If you would like to purchase one using UºOS, you can leave a comment below said publication and we will reach out to arrange the further details. If you have questions about this process or anything else, please ask them in the comments below.


I hope you like the collection so far, there are many more designs coming in the not so distant future!


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