Cool party. I early?!

I'm feel like that first guy to take to the dance floor. Without much confidence, but shameless enough to give it a try.

Greetings, UOS folks! I am new here, and this is my first post. I’m going to try and distill what makes me, me, down to a few paragraphs. On Steemit […my closest frame of reference for social blockchain], we’d call this an “introduction post”. I’ve already come across one or two “…this isn’t Steemit” comments, so I’m not sure how deep the tribalism goes within the UOS Community. Steemit brought me to the blockchain dance, and will always hold a special place in my crypto-heart, I love exploring the burgeoning social blockchain projects, and this first post on UOS has been on my 2020 hit list.

I am a photography by day, writer and blogger by night, and in between, a connoisseur of various subcultures; comics, horror, music, film and of course, cryptocurrencies. For my day job, I’ve spent the last 20 years behind the camera developing a genre of it’s own known as dark pinup. I have a book of the same name. Ironically, for a guy that makes his living traveling the world photographing beautiful women in lingerie, I would give it up to be drawing comics full time. That’s been my dream job since I was a kid and still very much is. Until then, I will work on comics and tell stories through art as often as I can.

How do I fit in with the EOS ecosystem? Glad you asked! I am an OG in the EOS world, even before there was a blockchain. I pulled out all of my geek credibility and received ERC20’s on the “0” toke distribution. A very proud time in my blockchain journey, and although I once had a mountain of EOS, the last two years of this bear market have liquidated most of my EOS coffers. I currently am Media Director at EOS block producer, EOS Detroit. I’m on a mission to infiltrate this space with visual art, bringing the geeks with the “normies”, who may not care about the tech.

There’s a lot more to tell, but for my first UOS post, I think that’s plenty. Of my time venturing in and out of other social blockchain projects, there seems to be a competing culture for and against original content. I’ve seen some turn in to meme sharing sites, which is fine, but for my world view as a community member, I hope this’ll be place to share my photography, illustration and writings. I’m a prolific creator and love having platforms to share and earn stake. I’d love some direction here, so please, feel free to leave a comment and tell me who I should be following!