Bank account + investment wallet?

Found this just yesterday, and it is called Zeux

Bank account + crypto wallet + crypto investment?

Interesting concept although I have no idea how it is going to work in practice - they claim to be able to pay 5-6% interest on crypto-assets and fiat (which is somehow converted into crypto-asset in the process). Look legit, they have UK e-money licence and they provide basic current account functionality.

They will even give you 40 pounds (yep, forty sterling) for joining but this bonus will be locked, but while you can not withdraw those funds (which you got as a bonus) you can earn interest on them and apparently the interest can be cashed out. It makes sense as nobody in his right mind would be giving away so much cash in untied form. It is meant as an incentive to try the app and play with the functionality for free.

For now they accept only UK residents - you will need an ID scan and proof of UK address such as utility bill or bank statement.

If you want to try then go to:

download the app from respective store, install it, get verified (the app is a bit slow, and the verification is not automated, so after providing basic details and uploading ID and proof of address you will have to wait for an approval - I got it the next day).

Then to get the free credit in vested sterling go to Home screen, click on Get free Zeux credit > Enter referral code


(the last character is O not Zero) and you will get 40 quid in free credit, invested and paying 5% interest. Then you can invite others and you will also get extra credit for those referred.

The app provides also normal UK bank account functionality, so you can actually send real cash to this account and send it back to your own account with another bank (no third party payments allowed for now). But you don't need to top it up with real cash to get the vested bonus. Keep in mind that all this is brand new and the app seems to be slow sometimes, and there are minor glitches when you try to refresh, but seems to work all right.

They will also provide a virtual Visa card number which you can use online or with SamsungPay. GooglePay is not available right now. Physical cards are coming soon.

Not really sure how secure is this investment, so before investing any real cash or tokens (you can also invest BTC, ETH and few other coins) make your own due diligence. Ah, watch out as they don't accept crypto deposits from smart contract operated wallets, just from normal addresses. 

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