Exploring for buried pirate treasure along the rugged clifftop shoreline on the south Cape coast of Africa

Hey there UCommunity forgive my brief absence, it's summer here and I have been outdoors exploring the terrain. And so today we explore a remote untapped region on the southernmost African coastline high above the crashing waves far below. Africa is a vast and still untapped region and even in South Africa, which is the economic hub of the continent, at least in the sub-Saharan south, we can still find vast empty expanses of pristine natural landscape.

Today we are exploring the shoreline at a place that is off the beaten track, in the Garden Route, about 550km east of Cape Town and 250km west of Port Elizabeth, the two main cities on the south coast of Africa. This area is rich with forest and wildlife, though today we are on a deserted and perhaps desolate rocky cliff top, with a mood of brooding meditative introspection. Very few are able to access it because there are only gravel roads and no signposts. So one needs to have local information to find it.

Well today I share it with you. Historically this stretch of coast between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay has legends of buried pirate treasure. It is said that during the late 17th century the famous pirate Captain Kidd sailed these shores and hid his vast pirate loot in one of the numerous caves on the shoreline. Wikipedia says:

“In September 1696, Kidd weighed anchor and set course for the Cape of Good Hope.”

Situated mostly in the Caribbean, Captain Kidd has become famous in history as a plunderer of ships carrying precious items, like gold or silver stolen by the Spanish from the South American tribes. The Spanish were actively involved in that. And as a pirate, Kidd came to the Cape of Good Hope because there were wealthy Dutch ships sailing the trade route to India and back along these shores.

The story is myth and legend now but probably based on a degree of historical fact. And the legend says that Captain Kidd came and hid a vast amount of hoarded and stolen treasure just here somewhere along this very shoreline in the Garden Route area where I’m filming and exploring today. In coming videos clips I will show you some of the actual caves down at the bottom of the cliffs along the shoreline, and we will explore to see if we can locate Captain Kidd’s treasure. He may have been a pirate, but then even the Spanish stole the treasure from the indigenous South American tribes anyway. And the British Royal Navy and the Dutch were forever looting and plundering in those days too. It was a wild time on the high seas.

Anyway, these shores appear empty and yet there may be an incalculable hoard of hidden treasure just below my feet in a cave somewhere nearby. What a dream. Besides that though, the real treasure here today is the peace and fresh air and wide open space in nature to meditate and find a sense of balance and centeredness. The quest for coin, the pursuit of loot already drives us in a frenzied way to chase the buck as it races across the plains, so to speak. It drives us on to pursue the trades wherever we can find them. But this pursuit of more, of profit, has been engineered into our consciousness by marketing and propaganda. The bankers and capitalists want us to be permanent consumers so that the wheels of industry keep turning, as demanded by the philosophy of capitalism.

But this engineered pursuit is not to our favor as it comes at the expense of our other natural treasures, namely the ecology, the environment, and most of all our own sense of peace and contentment. We are programmed to feel a lack, to go out and be a consumer because capitalism will collapse if the consumer stops buying material stuff to fill the feeling of emptiness that is caused by a culture that steals your consciousness of being whole and complete as you are. Consumerism and capitalism is the new piracy that hijacks our peace of mind and makes us run like mice on a treadmill to keep the coin turning – primarily for the coin masters, the bankers who profit from your debt.

So my recommendation is to remember your original treasure that you already have – pure consciousness, which is by nature blissful, knowledgeable and complete as it is. Give up the capitalist trap because it will leave you feeling forever incomplete, dissatisfied with yourself and lacking. Rather become self-sufficient, both materially and emotionally and spiritually. You already have the treasure within you. Just meditate on it and you will find the cave within you that houses it. The “crystal palace” is there within, and it’s yours. Welcome to your own treasure trove Captain.

Pic https://pixabay.com/photos/cave-treasure-pirate-light-gold-3765829/

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