The healing power of 432 hertz sounds – here’s my song pick for you 

Hey UCommunity, I want to share with you a great track I have found, its a sound track to uplift the consciousness. And it’s in 432 hertz frequency too. Everything in existence in our three dimensional world is designed around and affected by frequency. Now science has proved with repeatable studies how frequency, in the form of sound vibration, has a distinct affect on consciousness. And this particular sound track is pleasant and meditative to begin, with a bolder, inspired ending, and minimal beats. And it just happens to be recorded at 432 hertz frequency instead of the usual 440 hz of all other recorded sounds.

 You may have heard that 432 Hz is A, or Verdi’s A, an alternative tuning that just happens to be “mathematically consistent with the universe”. It is the sound at which the planet vibrates, and all upon it also vibrate at 432 hertz. It is the most natural and healthy frequency to have. However, the current standard pitch in recorded music today is at 440 hz and does not harmonize on any level to anything. It is only a difference of 8 vibrations per second but it has remarkable affects on our human consciousness.

There is plenty of information on the internet for those who wish to pursue more details into the subject. What amazes me the most though is that science is confirming the theory propounded by the ancient mystics and scholars of India dating back thousands of years, who confirmed in the Veda, the Sanskrit texts on consciousness, that everything depends on frequency and that it is frequency or sound vibration, which is the most powerful tool in affecting consciousness. That’s why they had so many mantras that they recited. It’s like the Catholic and Muslim faiths too, who recite incantations to uplift consciousness. And it works. Even the walls of Jericho in the Old Testament, were smashed down by trumpets at the appropriate frequency by the sounds of it.

And modern science has fine tuned the theory to pinpoint the exact frequency at which we all vibrate and it’s 432 Hz. You will find numerous sound tracks online nowadays that are recorded in 432 hz for the precise reason of bringing uplifted consciousness to the hearer, either accompanied by peace and calm, or as an uplifted and balanced state of mind. It’s not about volume at all, but simply frequency entering the ear and attuning the listener and their own frequency, like a sound massage.

Apparently archaeologists have dug up ancient Egyptian instruments attuned to 432 hz or A. Similarly ancient Greeks used it, Verdi used it, stating it was ideal for opera voices. Verdi’s Requiem is one of the most powerful operatic pieces I know. Tibetan monks who use plenty of chanting have been known to use this frequency, and their “singing bowls” would be tuned thus.

Unfortunately, for reasons known only to them, The American Federation of Musicians accepted 440 hz as the standard pitch in 1917. Even back in the 1800s Verdi was pleading with the government of Italy to keep the original 432 hz when France was going to 440. Eventually around 1940 the US pushed 440 hz worldwide and in 1953 it became the standard. I personally can only imagine their was some sinister reason why they took 432 hz away from the masses – to keep us out of tune, discordant and easier to control. Maybe I’m too suspicious. I’m not alone though because there is a theory that Nazi propaganda dictated it, and the US was doing business with the Nazis earlier on during WW2, so they are old bedfellows.

Anyway, this is not a political post but a musical one, based on frequency. Well, I have found the choicest tunes for you, and even of you don’t like this style, it is therapeutic, and the philosophy of 432 hz is the real issue here, not the particular tune played in 432 hz. So whatever you do, if you want to uplift your consciousness and become more peaceful, balanced and composed, then listen to 432 hz sounds of any sort. Any melody or song is fine. Remember this is a science. I’m not propounding anything whimsical or esoteric whatsoever, this is pure science. And it impacts every single one us, just like the Schumann Resonance that has been found to emanate around the very earth itself, and thus to which we are all attuned.

The proof will be in the hearing, so treat yourself to a healing sound massage for the mind. If you have any other tunes that you could recommend then let me know in the comments below. I want to share only the most meaningful and valuable treasures and insights that I find, so that we can all become woke, rise in consciousness and attain the best out of our human existence while preserving our dear earth and all who reside on her. I’m listening to 432 hz as I write this and it is truly sweet and soothing.

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