Play the game Reigning Emperor on the Ethereum blockchain and actively support anti-censorship in China.

First and foremost: what is Reigning Emperor?

The game is named after the term "当今 皇上" or, you guessed it right, Reigning Emperor, a phrase that is banned in China. The game takes place in a fictional universe where players are either activists or are on the side of the oppressor (the police):

  • as an activist, you can "spread protest" by sending 当今 皇上 tokens to different Ethereum Wallets.
  • as a police officer, the intention is to "arrest" activists by erasing or deleting the protest tokens in various crypto wallets

When two conditions are met then this smart contract can be forced to self-destruct: a) the game ends when all tokens have been deleted from the blockchain and b) there were at least 28 days of gameplay.

This is just a short description. A clear explanation about the rules of this protest and how to spread protest, you can find here.

Nothing earth-shattering, but what adds an extra dimension to it is the fact that all proceeds are donated to GreatFire.

What is GreatFire?

With their own words:

We collect data about the Great Firewall of China and share real-time and historical information about blocked web sites and searches, with a particular focus on Google and Baidu.
There is no other real-time, up-to-date resource on what sites and searches are blocked in China. Our aim is to be the leading destination for information of this kind and our goal is to bring transparency to online censorship in China.

I really like what this nonprofit organization is trying to do. Completely anonymous and working in difficult circumstances, they are very motivated to expose Chinese censorship. If you are interested, be sure to check out some of the tools that they have developed:

  • uncensored versions of China’s largest social networks
  • robust databases of websites banned in China
  • databases of applications banned in China

Some more concrete examples:

FreeBrowser is the only browser that allows Chinese internet users to directly access uncensored news. 40% of our users have never used a circumvention tool before.
No other website restores and republishes censored information from WeChat, China's ubiquitous and most popular application. Our dataset grows larger each and every day and provides a real-time and accurate litmus test of the information that the Chinese authorities find most threatening.
Our GitHub wiki enables our users in China to download our apps directly without circumventing.

Adversarial smart contracts

The creator of Reigning Emperor is Micah White, co-founder of Occupy Wall Street and author of the book "The End of Protest". He is one of the first advocate for how cryptocurrencies can be used to help activists.

The goal is to create the first smart contract that is banned for purely political reasons. It is a challenge to imagine a smart contract that has real-world political implications. - Micah White

Read more about adversarial smart contracts here.

I would say: use this smart contract, interact via this code, spread the protest, thwart the authorities and fund this movement.


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