The criminal global finance sector that is also infiltrating Crypto

If we look at today’s financial system, having little knowledge of its history or design, we may just take it at face value. We rarely study the details and we usually think someone at the top knows better than us and knows what they’re doing, so we accept it and follow along. But what if I told you that my research has led me to believe that the financial system is rotten, corrupt, rigged by the insiders for their own profit at the expense of the masses. Also it’s morally questionable and it is actually a crime.

Take for example today’s “financial instruments”. “Securitization”, for one, is from the seventies, used to manage risk, and then there are “derivatives”, “margin trading”, “options”, and of course “futures”. But these are not real. They have no real products, and worst of all, they used to literally be illegal in the sixties. It used to be a crime that would land you in jail. The idea was that the market would theoretically stabilize itself with less government interference. In reality, the “efficient markets hypothesis” that was supposed to balance the financial system actually ended up giving us the 2008 global recession. These tools are a con game to profit the insiders and those already very wealthy, who scoop up all the losses of the poorer class for dirt cheap, during these built-in massive recessions every decade or so.

The “credit default swap” is another instrument which is a way of buying insurance against a company you’ve invested in going bust. In 2002 they were worth under $1 trillion. By 2007, just five years later, they were worth $60 trillion. So much for stabilizing the financial system. The math behind them was completely fake. It created the opposite to what was preached, in the form of far more risk, by trying to “securitize” debt. It led to the crash. As the world markets crashed, the financial sector grew. They benefit hugely from a system that is unstable and unfair.

The government in the UK, for example, says that their cash is backed by government debt, or their ability to tax the public, or in other words backed by cash they can get from the public. But this is a circular argument that is like a snake eating its own tail. It goes nowhere. Cash is backed by government debt and that debt is backed by cash. This is doomed to fail. The system is designed to make a few private corporations very rich at the expense of the citizens who suffer cutbacks and taxes, thus lowering the standard of living for the majority, while distributing the wealth among the privileged, in what I call the “trickle-up economy.”

Since the seventies, and the removal of the gold standard, we have a world with no fixed exchange rates, increasingly open financial borders, central banks that manage without any control (thanks to the loss of the gold to peg the value of a currency). As a result we have a chaotic situation dependent on quantitative easing, from the lender of last resort. Historically the monetary systems have always given the dominant international power the advantage, defended by military terror.

“America has no regard for conventions of war or rules of morality.” President George H. W. Bush jr.

The solution:

A new type of currency that is backed by something that is scarce. A return to Bretton Woods agreements made after World War II, and the gold-backed fiat currencies of the world. Or backed by something we really need and really value, like renewable energy per kilowat hour, some have suggested. We need to start valuing things that are most scarce and that are needed to survive. This would push investment into renewables. A basket of currencies is another option as a backing for global currency. Get all the competing currencies to meet and arrange a deal, though we saw how that failed after a few years. There is no major force on the planet, politically speaking, that actually wants a fair and stable financial system because they have all been hijacked already by the central bankers who are the real criminals of the world. We have seen what the IMF has done.

Why are banks so subsidized, private banks with a licence to print money, subsidized by public money, taxpayer money? They have licence to print money out of nothing, and then loan it to us at interest. Why do you think the tallest buildings in the CBD of most cities are banks? And it’s not secret, its open and now digital. Only 3% of the entire money supply in the UK is made of paper or metal coin. The other 97% is on computers, favoring the central banks who run the system. And what do they do with their special privilege? Do they channel new money into the nation in the form of hospitals, public services, etc? No, not if it doesn’t make a profit for them. Rather they use their licence to gamble on the financial markets and push house prices out of reach of the ordinary people by pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into risky mortgages. That is what caused the 2008 financial housing bubble to pop and trigger the global crash. They lent out made-up money to people they knew couldn’t repay it so that they could come and repossess the house, an actual genuine asset. And we, the least wealthy, are being forced to pay for it.

Furthermore, and worst of all to us, is that these “financial tools” are coming into the Cryptocurrency arena now too. Margin trading, and all these leveraged trading sites that Bitcoin investors are being lured into, are ruining the Bitcoin ecosystem. They are a form of moral and perhaps legal corruption. Bitcoin exchanges like Bybit and Binance margin and Bitmex and others, are all con games who attract gamblers and make addicts out of them. They turn you into a dopamine junkie. Around 90% of traders who try this "margin" or "leverage" trading lose everything they invest. And the exchanges take your money without a problem. You are the sucker.

Then we have Bakkt “futures”– supposedly a legit financial instrument by which one can trade Bitcoin, but is it settled in Bitcoin or in cash? And why not just trade Bitcoin? Why is the New York stock exchange – the nemesis of Bitcoin – running Bakkt. Kelly Loeffler, the head of Bakkt, which is run by Ice (which runs the New York Stock Exchange) is now in the US government, given a senate seat for her services. What kind of con is this? We know the US government doesn’t like cryptocurrency because it’s unregulated and beyond their control, but now they want us to believe that their darling Kelly of the NY stock exchange parent company Ice, has our Bitcoin interests at heart? Fake news. Ignorant fools we are, all being duped by this unbacked Bakkt. It’s a financial con game and it has infiltrated into our Bitcoin ecosystem, and I don’t like it.

Therefore I warn you. Don’t waste your Bitcoin on margin or leverage trading on Bybit, Binance margin, Bakkt, etc. You will lose. Remember Satoshi Nakamoto’s principles behind Bitcoin. He released it just after the last global financial recession precisely to disempower the banks and financial institutions that had caused the 2008 global recession by their strategic con game. And now they have infiltrated the Bitcoin ecosystem. Well I will call them out as the con artists that they are. Believe me or not, it’s your Bitcoin, your money, your sovereignty, your power, and Bitcoin is how you take back your power from the criminal banking system and their criminal financial tools. Now you know.

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