How to spend our Crypto without using a bank

I recently found out that the bank I use is cancelling its crypto-friendly approach. The bank is ending all its accounts with crypto businesses, like my Bitcoin exchange where I spend my local fiat to buy Bitcoin. This was a bit concerning. It implied that when I sell my Bitcoin on my local exchange at a profit one day, and want to move that fiat back into my bank, I won’t be able to do it. The bank is soon closing its accounts with my exchange. So I decided to find out how I could use my Bitcoin as it is, without changing it back into fiat at all.

The good news is that there is a stylish website called which is a hotel booking site that accepts crytpo. You can book a hotel or hostel or guest house room anywhere in the world and pay in Bitcoin and multiple other cryptocurrencies, like Litecoin, Cardano and numerous others. This is very inspiring because if my bank won’t accept my fiat from the exchange, I will have to use it some other way. And now I can. When Bitcoin moons in the next bull run over the next few years, I will be in profit naturally, and will want to maybe fulfil my dream to travel the world some more and see new places. Well now that I have the money to do it, thanks to the profits form Bitcoin, I will be able to do that travelling and pay for my guest house room with my Bitcoin via

Travala even has its own crypto token that one can use, called simply “” on CoinMarketCap, with the AVA ticker symbol, on the NEO blockchain. AVA is listed number 454 on CMC, worth around $0.09 at the time of writing. AVA token has been on CMC since June 2018 and so is well established with a daily use case or product. Not that I need AVA directly since I can pay for my hotel or guest house booking with Bitcoin. At last, I will be able to travel the world using Bitcoin, and no bank will know about it. What a sense of freedom, sovereignty and liberation, all facilitated by Bitcoin.

This was part of the plan by Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, to create a peer to peer payment service free from the banks and mainstream establishment oversight. And Bitcoin is global and not limited by national borders, so I can travel to all those favorite places like Thailand or India, paying for my accommodation bookings online beforehand via

The advertising is good too and you may have already seen their ads online or elsewhere, so they are a globally established company. I have yet to try it out of course, since I still need to wait for the bull run and the profit I will accrue from the Bitcoin price hike before I cash out my profits to pay for my world tour. Bitcoin is allowing me to dream, and visualize a life for myself outside the normal parameters set up by my restricted fiat cash flow. Bitcoin will empower us all if we invest long term with faith in the revolutionary value of cryptocurrency.

We can no longer rely on our fiat to retain value or our banks to facilitate our crypto purchases at the onramps of the local exchanges. They are the gateway and the banking system still has a choke hold on our onramps into crypto. Fortunately there may still be one or two other banks that I can turn to when my current bank closes its accounts to crypto exchanges locally. So locally I’m not out of options. But even better than having to funnel my profits back through my bank, I prefer the idea of spending it directly, and now any guest house bookings will facilitate that through

Now I just need to find a company that will sell travel tickets for crypto, so that I can buy my flight tickets that way too. If you know of any such companies then leave your insights in the comments below, as well as any other industries you may know of or recommend where one can spend crypto directly for goods or services. This is the natural expression of Bitcoin in the end – to use it not merely as a store of value but as a means of exchange for daily purchases, like the fabled cup of coffee or pizza. Now we can add hotel or flight bookings and in a flash we have the digital nomad vision becoming a reality. For now I will keep visualizing my ideal dream future and get ready for the Bitcoin price to take my dream from the astral to the physical in the next two years during the coming bull run. It is written in the stars...and on the blockchain. Only time is separating us.

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