Check Out The Web Wallet For UºOS If You Have Not Already!

Website link:

The web wallet is a great way to interact with some of the deeper functionalities of the UºOS blockchain, and even do the simple stuff, too!

To get started, you are going to have to connect your account. This is done by clicking the big blue "Private Key" button.

Now this is where you will enter your Private Active Key. Upon entering your Private Active Key, you will be greeted with this pop-up:

You should follow the pop-up's advice and select the Active authorization.

This is a good reminder that you are in charge of your own private data. No one can recover these keys for you, so it is important to have a good solution to storing your private keys. This is important not only for the UºOS blockchain, but for everything that you need to have passwords for. Password security is very important, and you should take it seriously. end rant.

After you select your Active authorization and click login, you will be greeted with information about your account. You can see mine above. You can send UºOS tokens right from the first page you are on, and even see the last 5 transactions that happened on your account.

One problem you could potentially run into is that UºOS Network is not selected at the top of the webpage. Make sure that you click on it and select UºOS Network. Picture below:

If you liked this or found it helpful, consider voting for me as a Block Producer. is not showing the current Block Producers right now, since the main net switch was very recent. But once the website is allowing voting for Block Producers, I am going to make a publication about how to vote for Block Producers.