Arch Rock beautiful geological feature – on tour along the south Cape coast of Africa

Hi UCommunity welcome to another edition of The Shape of The Cape with your host Julescape aka Bitcoin Babaji. Here we continue on with our exploration of the most beautiful hidden beaches of the south Cape coast. Some of the hidden treasures of the Garden Route in South Africa are to be found on the less-frequented beaches, like this one here in the video clip at Keurboomstrand near Plettenberg Bay.

After the amazing revelations seen in the previous post, we moved further along the beautiful coastline to come eventually to this majestic and mystical site called Arch Rock or Cathedral Rock due to its awesome design. It looks like a massive archway through which the waves come crashing in and rolling onto the pristine white sands of the beach. This is on par with Thailand’s epic island rock features found dotted all over that popular south Asian tourist destination.

Africa is much less explored or frequented by international travelers but it offers equally fine beaches and great weather without the tropical humidity. The beach here is hardly ever busy, and only now at the height of summer are there a handful of smart tourists who have been able to access this hidden treasure situated on the more remote part of the planet, way down south at the last stop before Antarctica. After all, if you go any further south at this point, you will end up in Antarctica with the whales. These same whales come to this very bay annually in winter, around August to October for breeding. I will to a video and blog post on them in six months from now.

But now it’s Arch Rock that is the highlight of the coastal gems so take a look at the video clip and admire the huge natural arch, and notice the little round cathedral-like window or hole at the very top above the arch. It is so symmetrical and balanced in its design that it really looks like it’s man made. However, nature used the ocean waves to somehow carve this neat and harmonious sculpture somehow or the other, over God-only-knows how many millennia, to create the iconic natural rock feature.

You can imagine the prehistoric Khoi or San Bushmen coming here thousands of years ago and being amazed and awestruck by the site, perhaps even using it as a sacred place to gather and perform ceremonies of sorts. It looks just like a portal to the sea, or from the sea, as if Venus is about to emerge, riding on a scallop shell, from the vast unfathomed ocean and onto the clear land of day. The doorway or portal can allow us to access the vast unconscious oceanic regions of the psyche, or allow unaccessed potential contents of the unconscious to rise up and enter via the portal from the depths and into consciousness. That’s how I interpret it.

In other words it’s a natural temple, where one can commune with the nature deity or with whatever gods or archetypes you wish to channel or tap into. The rock feature of the Arch will connect you with the archetypes of your own personal or collective unconscious, and harness them with all their untapped potential to be used as psychic energy and inspiration for our daily conscious lives.

A less esoteric interpretation might simply suggest that the beach is just fantastic for finding peace, fun, improved good health and fascinating natural sites to inspire the most worldly traveler. So if you ever get the chance then do seek out this beach with it’s unique geological feature called Arch Rock. If the tide is high, then it can’t be accessed via the beach directly, as the rocky promontories or outcrops block the way, but there is a path up on the cliff side, where one can climb up from the beach and walk along to the far end of the beach and down again to the sand, at the river mouth of the Matjes River, where the Arch Rock stands. I highly recommend this hidden gem for all tourists who manage to access the treasure trove known as the Garden Route, on the south Cape coast of Africa. It’s a unique feature well worth seeing for yourself.

Until next time, when we explore another hidden treasure resort, I will see you on the beach.