Faith is like the Himalaya mountains which cannot possibly change.

Mahatma Gandhi

Contrary to popular belief, in order to travel to the Himalayas it is not necessary to be a “monster” of tourism or a master of sports in mountaineering. thanks to the developed infrastructure and good paths in Nepal that has made trekking to Himalayas possible to people of all age groups. The Himalayas have become not so mysterious and inaccessible mountains, (although they preserve their wildness and will continue to remain for many years), but quite a favorite place for active recreation of people from all over the world.

The popularity of trekking in Nepal is due to one key factor. Not everyone has the opportunity to climb the mountain for various reasons (high risk to life, financial, for health reasons), but walking at the foot, feeling the "spirit of the mountain", and being imbued with its greatness and rebellion is already available to almost everyone. In the Himalayas, everyone can find a suitable route, even the one for whom, this is the first trip to the mountains, while not losing in the spectacle and beauty of the surrounding landscapes. In addition, in this campaign you get an extraordinary aesthetic pleasure from "communication" with the mountains. And to describe the beauty of the Himalayan peaks is a different story.