Booking accommodation for bitcoins on Airbnb

Users of the Fold app, which allows you to pay in BTC for purchases on Amazon, Starbucks, Uber through the Lightning network, will now be able to book accommodation on Airbnb and receive cashback.

Earlier this year, another payment app, Bitrefill, began providing $ 25, $ 50 and $ 100 vouchers for bitcoins that could be used on the rental housing platform. Now, according to the announcement, Fold users will receive a 3% refund on each booking of accommodation on Airbnb.

In fact, both payment apps allow cryptocurrency to be used as a payment method, even though Airbnb does not accept direct payments in BTC.

In addition, the cashback system used by Fold is designed to convince potential customers to use their services, which seems to be working. Airbnb users are still waiting for this payment option to appear right on the website of the private Gilles short-term rental platform, but until then, only the use of crypto-payment apps remains.

Fold Application

According to Coinspeaker, the Fold app became available back in 2014, making it one of the oldest apps to buy and use BTC on the market. It also supports bitcoin's sidechain, Lightning Network, which is a second-tier payment Protocol.

In July 2019, the platform launched a new project: the Fold Kickbacks program. Major companies besides Airbnb have joined the program, including Starbucks, Uber, Amazon, Target and others.

The program does a very simple thing: it rewards users for paying in BTC when buying services or products from major retailers. At the moment, the Fold refund program is only available in certain countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Mexico.

The goal of the project is to convince people that cryptocurrencies, and in particular bitcoin, are a valid payment option. At the same time, cashback can reach up to 20%, depending on the country and company, which can be very profitable for regular users. For example, Fold offers a 5% refund for Starbucks customers.

Payment solution

While Fold may be one of the most popular bitcoin buying apps available on the market, It's not the only solution.

Lolli is another app that offers bitcoin cashback and works with over 500 brands. In addition, in Japan, Aelf is considered a partner of a major gift card platform. European customers can also use Bitrefill, a Swedish firm that works in collaboration with Hulu, Amazon, eBay, Netflix and others.

The advent of all these bitcoin shopping apps means that more and more people are learning about a relatively new payment option and may even start using it. Airbnb joins other major brands in giving its customers the option to pay with BTC. Although payments in crypto are not made directly, this is a step in the right direction.

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