Introducing UOS° Score Bot for Telegram

Once, waiting for the next meeting with the team, I thought, it would be nice to have a service (besides U°Community), where you can check your rating or the rating of another person.

Since we all use Telegram for communications, the most obvious solution was to create a Telegram bot that would display the account rating directly from the UOS° blockchain.

Today we are ready to present you the very first version of UOS° Score Bot, which can display any UOS° account rating, as well as Telegram account rating if those accounts linked via the bot command.

How to use the bot

The name of the bot is UOSRatingBot. Just search for it using Telegram messenger or use the link. Start with sending /start or /help command, those commands are pretty self-explanatory.

This bot also added to our official telegram channel, so you can use any of those commands right in the chat, but better use linking and unlinking commands in the private messages.

You can use the bot using the following commands:

/link  - Links your telegram account to specified UOS account
/unlink - Unlinks your telegram account from any linked UOS accounts
/check  - Check the score of any telegram account (starting with @) or UOS account, sending this command without arguments shows your score

How to contribute

You can contribute to repository! 

Any issues or pull requests are always welcome.

Getting Help