Politics from the perspective of the soul

Greetings UCommunity, what is it with all the Russophobia all these years, since WW2? When Rooseveldt and Churchill left Stalin and Molotov out of the loop sometimes, it obliged Russia to lose 30 million people to the Nazi invasion. FDR and WC could have opened the Second Front and applied pressure on the Nazis so as to relive the pressure on the USSR. But they declined. Since then, Russophobia has appeared in many guises, until today, where it is not simply the Red Peril of Communism, but also the “Russian Meddling” meme that continues the alienation with one of the biggest and best countries on the globe, with famous men like Dostoyevsky, Tchaikovsky, Nurev, Nijinsky, Kasparov, Gagarin, Vitalik Buterin and many others, just off the top of my head.

And when the Americans and UK secretly took in ex-Nazi leaders after the WW2 in Operation Paperclip, they did so with the explicit purpose of infiltrating and bringing down the USSR and Russia. So what are they at today, the Western alliance, commonly known as Nato?

Crimea has become a hotspot. America is helping Crimea against Russia, but Putin is simply reclaiming what was once part of Russia fifty years ago, invited by Crimean Referendum by Russian speaking Crimeans. Nato should back off but they won't as the old feud continues. Well Russia is part of BRICS now, as is my nation South Africa, for better or worse.

And Syria is another hot war. Here we have America fighting Russia via proxies, and via Syria. This is going on and will continue going on into the foreseeable future here on the planet. Iran will be another proxy war among allies of opposing sides. Oil will play a big part, but the racial or nationalist element is an old and, I would say, redundant one. I presume it's a power struggle among leading nation states and alliances. 

I have ancestors on my father’s side that originate from Eastern Europe. They could even be Jews who fled Nazi murder and genocide, I’m not sure. The ironic thing is that America is run by Israel lobby now and sides with Israel in everything, so how is it that those planning on taking over the Middle East for the Greater Israel, are facilitating Nazi policy by Vetoing this year’s UN resolution to ban Nazism? It’s because they are funded by the same backers, probably the Rothschilds, Morgans, Stanleys, and other possibly Jewish bankers. This is the 11th year that America has vetoed this potential UN resolution, denying it become official ratified law, in a sense.

Well, it’s an ever-unfolding story with a long history, but the war goes on today, the same war for hundreds of years now it seems sometimes when I reflect on it. My ancestors lived through it, it is in my genes and ancestral memory in this DNA, even though I move on lifetime after lifetime into different bodies as a wandering soul.

Interesting to observe the same war going on but from a different perspective as far as DNA birth in this particular lifetime. The eternal soul is not bound to any particular DNA pool, and so all of this allegiance to nation and race is superficial.

Love of life and respect therefore is across the board among all souls really, so the war that we play out among the unconscious or disempowered souls led by tyrants is unfortunate, and maybe the tyrants are driven by their own motives or those of some one or something higher than themselves, we can always wonder.

Yet inner peace is always possible when in the right place and surroundings, and if those surroundings are missing then we have to look more deeply within, which may take lifetimes to perfect. 

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