Ethereum developers confirm Istanbul hard fork date

The head of the Ethereum Foundation group Peter Silaji announced December 4 as the expected date of the upcoming update of the crypto-currency network, called "Istanbul".

In two tweets, Silage indicated that the code of Istanbul will start work on block 9'069'000. It provided the Geth node operators with a link to the new program code intended to start initializing the hard fork.

Geth is the name given to one of the two most popular clients that are used to run nodes on the Ethereum network. The second is Parity, which will be updated after Istanbul activation, but is now in the verification stage.

Ethereum moves to 2.0

After the upgrade to Constantinople, which was completed in February this year, Istanbul represents the latest harfork on the way to the Ethereum 2.0 concept, dubbed "Berlin", which is due to take place in 2020.

It is believed that the most important feature of the Berlin code is the introduction of a new software algorithm for validation of network blocks, called "ProgPoW", which is designed to combat the advantages of ASIC miners.

"Asiki" refers to mining hardware that uses specialized integrated circuits designed to efficiently mine cryptocurrency based on a specific hashing algorithm. In contrast, farms that use graphics processors (GPUs) are less efficient, and miners who use such equipment struggle with those who use ASICs, motivating their actions with the desire for decentralization.

Ethereum developers have decided to implement Istanbul in two phases, starting with a version that includes six Ethereum improvement proposals (EIP) for integration with the test network in October.

Aragon DAO vs. Istanbul

Earlier this month, members of the Aragon community - an open source software project creating an Ethereum - based decentralized Autonomous organization (DAO) - announced their rejection of the move to ProgPow.

Aragon One CTO Jorge Izquierdo said in late October that Istanbul would lead to the rupture of approximately 680 smart contracts on the company's platform, saying: "the Problem we are going to solve was not considered important enough that this hard fork did not happen, which, from our point of view, is regrettable, but we understand that it is a hard balance."
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