For centuries, the myth of yeti, an anthropomorphic being believed to live in the Himalayas and other isolated regions of the world, submerges the imagination of the world and creates many questions for scientists. In October 1998 legendary climber Reinhold Messner presented a book in which he claims that the enigmatic creature is simply a big brown bear. At last the mystery seems to have been clarified Or does not it?

In the snowy slopes of Mount Everest, the strong wind scars the faces of the explorers, making it difficult for them to move in the otherwise inaccessible mountains. Despite the difficulties, everyone is trying to be on alert, having their antennas stretched. No one forgets for a moment why they have left their warm and comfortable homes: And the only idea to meet the mythical yeti, following the mysterious, enormous prints that have been engraved in the snow, gives them courage and heats up their damaged bodies.

It was in the frozen Everest every time an organized mission was trying to comb the area to discover the large, anthropomorphic beast named Yeti, believed to be living there. It is not a matter of fact that the testimonies that refer to traces of snow come from the footprints of this strange creature. The average life of the wild animal is estimated at 120 to 130 years. The areas where it has been seen from time to time are Nepal, Tibet, China, Siberia and other parts of Asia.



In January 2016 the Daily Mail published one more photograph with prints that the photographer claims to belong to the Yeti. The reception took place in the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas where the mythical monster is supposed to live.

For yeti, which is thought to be circulating at night, various descriptions have been given. Generally it is considered to be a scalp with a long, reddish-red hair on its entire tall, monkey body. The hands of the beast are hanging up to the knees and his face is anthropomorphic, with a conical skull and pointed ears. Judging by how deep the footprints it leaves in the snow, experts have determined that a Yeti medium weighs about 370 pounds, but it is believed that there are altogether three types of Yeti, with anatomical differences between them.

At the Sherpa Monastery in Nepal, the representation of a yeti presents it as a cross between a wolf, a tiger and a bear, it is believed that the Yetis behave peacefully amongst each other, but become very exuberant when they meet a man. So, if someone approaches them enough, they do not hesitate to attack him.

In 1974 a girl from Nepal reported that a smaller kind of Yeti attacked her. Driving the police at the scene of the attack, they were surprised to discover unusual traces of footprints in the snow.

The question about the existence of this mysterious creature have sought the attention of researchers, biologists from all around the world. What do you think guys do they realyy exist? Not all things in this earth have been fully discovered. Comment down your views. I want to hear it from you. Thanks!