Interesting ETH wallet

Check this out - smart contract based, and they actually subsidize ETH transactions so sending ETH or ETRH tokens from that wallet will not cost you a penny of course if you don't abuse it as they have fair use policy.

As a bonus this wallet is equipped with internal exchange allowing swaps between various ETH based tokens.

Argent provides also an excellent way to start investing in crypto - if you send ETH to your Argent address you can swap it inside that wallet for DAI - ETH based USD pegged stable coin "produced" by MakerDAO, which you can invest straight from the same wallet and earn passive income - currently at the rate > 4% per annum.

It is my understanding that because they actually subsidize ETH transactions and pay the gas fee, there is a waiting list to join. But if you take an effort and contact me through my own internet site which is listed somewhere here in my user profile, I will send you an invitation to join Argent - I have only 3 of them so first come first served.

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