U°Community v1.21.0

Release notes

New Features

New Account Wallet

  • Moved Resources from Settings to Wallet
  • Added Cards for multiple accounts
  • Fixed Get emission button on top of the tx list
  • Simplified tx history design
  • Optimized mobile version

Added u.community comment-line interface (CLI)

You can now send tips to other members via the following command in comments or replies.


 @tip {account_name} {token_amount} {token_name}


 @tip @foobar 100500 uos

Added personalized ambassador page

  • Added extra page for referrals with referrer credentials and a welcome message
  • Added og tags for ambassador page to display a personalized greeting

Added i18n multilanguage support

You can now contribute to translating the u.community website to your language here:


Just add your language (you may add it step-by-step, default english strings will be used for missing ones) and submit a pull request.

Added edit comments feature

You can now edit comments for 15 minutes, unless there was no u.community CLI command used in the comment/reply

Added monospace font tag to publication editor

You can now post your code snippets right there

Added active key login

You can now log in with accounts not initially created via u.community

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed x button not closing wallet popup
  • Post card refactoring
  • Added ctrl+enter for submit popup
  • Disabled 3rd depth level for comments 
  • Added og tags for auto-updates 
  • Fixed post editing minor bug 
  • Disable buttons during post editing 
  • Fixed logout and wrong userpic in comment form 
  • Added small preview card og tags 
  • Fixed user list popup on mobile 
  • Disabled checking for account existence 
  • Scatter module refactoring 
  • Added text message for recovery screen

You can always suggest your ideas or jump into development right here:



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