BitMEX error led to exchange data leak

The large exchange BitMEX, specializing in trading derivatives for cryptocurrency, caused panic among traders and investors due to the accidental release of thousands of emails. The official Twitter account of the crypto exchange was also compromised.

According to Forbes, this week the crypto exchange BitMEX sent out thousands of e-mail addresses of its users along with a weekly newsletter. BitMEX said in a statement on its blog:

We know that some of our users received a user update email earlier that contained the email addresses of other users.

Rest assured that we are doing our best to identify the root cause of the error and we will contact any affected users.

Our team immediately took action to address the issue and we are taking steps to understand the extent of its impact.

The exchange later discovered the error, claiming it had been "identified and corrected."

It is worth noting that BitMEX, known for offering trading using leverage up to 1 in 100, is currently being investigated by the us commodity futures trading Commission (CFTC) for the fact that us traders can use the platform without a license.

"Things like this are a serious breach of privacy with potentially serious consequences," Jake Czerwinski, General counsel at Compound Finance, said in a tweet, adding, " This is the last thing the derivatives exchange should deal with during the CFTC investigation."

BitMEX asked its users to "add a BitMEX support letter to their contact lists to reduce the number of phishing emails," as well as enable two-factor authentication.

Hacking the Twitter account of the exchange

Shortly after BitMEX alerted users to the leaked emails, the exchange's @bitmexdotcom Twitter account posted two tweets that were quickly deleted.

According to Forbes, the first had only one word: "Hacked", and the second advised users of the crypto-platform "Take your bitcoins and run. Last day for withdrawal".

Meanwhile, Binance, The largest crypto exchange by trading volume, asked its users to change their email accounts if the latter were used on BitMEX.
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