A Disturbed Rest

Life in this part of our world is so so boring and annoying sometimes. One would just make you hate the very day of your life you thought you had all things under your control. They will make you feel like moving straight to them and blowing things up at their end right at their faces.

One of the worst moment you could ever get or have is not being able to rest for a tough day ahead. The moment you are just about to kill all engines in your body to have this cool down, then something from somewhere just spoil the moment, with it's own halts.

But what could I do than to utilize the moment with something, by keeping it down as my post draft. Well after an hectic day all I could here was music around. First, I thought of it as just some fun moments people usually have and was going to end soon.

The echoes of the music, felt like the whatever event that was going on was right at my very nose. I moved out and saw that it was coming from the next sub town of ours. So in short the echoes were louder because we are in a new site where even a drop of a pin could be felt by many.

As at the time of writing this post it was 1:22 GMT (am on the 0 zone too) and I can just rest because of these music. How I wished I could just vanish there to let them lower the tune but that will take me about 10mins drive and on top of it all, it's not safe to move out, especially when no one will move out to check when you are attacked in the way.

So it's rather safe to be disturbed with music, than moving out. But in all, Good life, let's live it well.