My intro

I probably should have written it a long time ago, but anyways, here's my introduction post (my first intro post has been accidently deleted and this is my second try)

So, I'm a guy in my middle 20's and I assume that I mostly do things that other guys in their middle 20's do. I'm from Russia, but I was living in Slovakia for about a year, so I could decently speak Slovak and understand Czech, as well. Currently, I'm working as POS consultant in Rusfinance bank. Before that, I was working in impoundment lot registering cars in and out ( not very interesting jobs, huh?). I had been studying in university and my major was oriental science & Chinese, but I almost forgot the language, except some basic phrases (actually, I also had been studying in Slovakian university, but both of them hadn't even finished, so whatever)

I don't have any particular hobbies, except learning languages from time to time or reading and watching interesting things in the internet about economy, history, blockchains, cryptocurrencies and so on. Also, I don't mind to be able to play instruments (guitar, piano or drums) if I have spare time and money for those things. Along with that, I wish I could do at least basic coding and simple programming, but I'm not very good at technical stuff (or I'm just lazy bastard, haha!).

With such uncertain interests and even more uncertain way of living, I strongly want to achieve one thing which is called "financial freedom". And I also want financial freedom for other people too. It may be the case that brought me here.

Thank you for reading and feel free to leave comments!!