HTC adds bitcoin node support to Exodus 1s

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer HTC has released its newest blockchain phone Exodus 1s, capable of running a bitcoin network node.

Unveiling the device on Saturday at the Lightning Conference in Berlin, the company said that "the new product is the first smartphone that can use a full-fledged bitcoin node." Phil Chen, head of decentralized development at HTC, said:

Full nodes are the most important component of the bitcoin network's resilience, and we have lowered the barrier to entry for any person who will manage the node.

HTC opened the sale of the new version at a conference in Berlin, using the Lightening payment network. The new smartphone will go on sale at a price of 219 euros, which is about a third of the cost of its predecessor, the Exodus 1.

The device allows users to install a 400GB SD card, allowing the device to cope with the increasing data capacity required to store the full registry of the bitcoin network. The current registry size is now about 250 GB, according to blockchain Explorer Blockchain. The company recommended that users connect to Wi-Fi and connect to a power source when working at a full node, although the smartphone can also be used on the go.

The smartphone also has a built-in hardware wallet to help users store cryptocurrencies securely. By default it comes with 4GB of RAM and 63gb of memory and runs on Android Oreo 8.1 Chen noticed:

We provide the tools to access universal basic financing; the tools to have a metaphorical Swiss Bank in your pocket.

The smartphone will be available in 27 countries in Europe and the Middle East, including Germany, Greece, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Currently not scheduled for sale in the US.

HTC is joining the nascent but increasingly diverse field of smartphones dedicated to blockchain. Blockchain startup Sirin Labs recently teamed up with electronics giant Foxconn to mass produce Finney's blockchain smartphone, while Samsung released the Galaxy S10 in the spring. There are rumors that others, such as LG, also plan to conquer the blockchain sphere with their new devices.

In addition to buying and selling cryptographs, smartphone tokens are increasingly seeing blockchain technology as a way to reassure users concerned about the security of their private information.

"We really care about this portable identity and the users owning their identity and data, and we think the phone is the best place to do that," Chen said.
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