The 2nd EOS Community Conference arrives in Rio! 

The 2nd EOS Community Conference is fast approaching! Between 15th and 18th of October in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.

We are engineers, entrepreneurs, BPs, token holders, developers and above all, believers in the potential positive impact of blockchain on the lives of billions of people all over the world.

It is just amazing to see how a community scattered around the globe organizes to achieve so much. Telegram, WeChat , and Zoom are great to keep us connected. But there is nothing like having some of the greatest experts on DPoS and decentralized applications on the same place at the same time.

We experienced this for the first time after EOS Mainnet launch when the community came together for the EOS Community Conference in Seoul. The incredible events created an environment to foster serendipity and allowed for ideas and partnerships to flourish. Ever since, we had the chance to meet around the world in different events, making the community even stronger.

We understand the power of this community and the incredible things we can achieve together. That’s why we are proud to invite you to come together again for the 2nd EOS Community Conference, that will take place between 15th and 18th of October in Rio/Brazil!

We have planned a week of events and activities to provide everyone a memorable experience. Not only working to develop the EOSIO ecosystem, but also enjoying what Rio has to offer.


Rio Blockchain Conference (RBC)

On Tuesday, October 15th, Rio Blockchain Conference (RBC) will take place at Museu do Amanhã (the Museum of Tomorrow).

RBC is a blockchain agnostic event co-created in collaboration with Museu do Amanhã. The event theme is how decentralized applications are contributing to a sustainable and abundant future.

Open to the general public and free of charge, RBC will focus on making blockchain accessible to the masses. The event will promote an environment for cross-pollination between different blockchain communities and provide insights into the Latin American ecosystem.

Networking dinner

During the night, a networking dinner will be held for the EOS Community attendees and the local tech community. Guestlist includes dApp developers, investors, and entrepreneurs. The goal is to create an enjoyable atmosphere where everyone can have a good time while expanding the reach of the EOS community to a broader audience.


EOSIO Workshops for developers

On October 16th we will have EOSIO workshops for developers in the morning at Museu do Amanhã.

Workshop tickets *the workshop will be ministered in portuguese 

2nd EOS Community Conference (ECC)

In the afternoon, the 2nd EOS Community Conference (ECC) will take place. The community will come together to discuss the hottest topics happening on the EOSIO ecosystem, from dApps, to governance, to sidechains!

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ECC Tickets:

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(Un)conference Discussion Day

On October 17th & 18th we will have the (un)conference for the EOS Community, which will happen at Rio Yacht Club, designed to have two moments.

On October 17th, will be the discussion day. The most pressing topics according to the community will be suggested, voted and discussed on the spot, in a model similar to Seoul 2018.


(Un)conference Building Day

Building on the experience of Seoul, the organizers suggested a way to channel all the insights and energy of the first day to raise the evolution discussed. That’s why we decided to hold the second day of (Un)conference on October 18th, focused exclusively on building solutions to be pitched by the end of the event.

Closing Party

Let’s all have fun at the closing party!

Free Weekend

For those willing to explore Rio during the weekend, just contact us to enjoy a series of activities, like hang gliding from Pedra da Gávea with a professional instructor, visiting artsy Santa Teresa, group surfing lessons, or going to Maracanã — two times world cup final stage and Olympic stadium for Rio 2016, for a local derby with more than 60.000 fans.

This is being brought to you by EOS Rio and EOS Argentina, in close partnership with our awesome Platinum sponsor EOS Nation, Gold sponsors BOSCore and EOS Node One, silver sponsors eosDAC and EOS Cannon and the valuable support of EOS Venezuela, EOS Costa Rica, EOS Detroit and Equilibrium. A big shout out to everyone making this happen.

You can join the telegram and check out what is happening and how you can collaborate.

See you in Rio, building the decentralized future! ♥