U°Community v1.20.0

Release notes

New Features

Added Social Key

  • Added Social Authority Keys
  • Added Social Key login
  • Added Social Key display to settings tab

Social Private Key can be used instead of the Active Authority Private Key for actions such as:

  • Post
  • Publication
  • Create community
  • Comment/reply
  • Upvote/Downvote
  • Share
  • Claim emission
  • Trust/Untrust
  • Follow/Unfollow

The Social Authority Private Key is stored in the browser's local storage just like any Auth token is.

If the key is compromised, account funds can not be affected, making it a safer option for using the social platform.

Social Key Is now a primary login method, and can be recovered via Active or Brainkey.

Added Scatter Support 

Added Scatter Support for actions, signed with Active Authority Private Key, such as:

  • Token transfer
  • RAM buy/sell
  • Resource staking/unstaking
  • Voting for Block Producers/Calc Nodes

User can still use older and less secure methods which imply storing a password-encrypted active key in the browser

Check out Scatter step-by-step tutorial here: 


Added Auto-Updates for Trust Action

  • Added Auto-Update post type, triggered by the Trust action. An Auto-update behaves like a usual post
  • Added user feed tabs for All, Posts, Publications, Updates

Publication page update

  • Added "created at"
  • Added view count
  • Added Author thumbnail
  • Added Follow button
  • Added Community origin for community pulbications
  • Added tag list

Added web-workers for transactions 

Added web-workers to improve overall performance for the following types:

  • Registration
  • Key encryption
  • Key generation
  • Login
  • Wallet actions
  • Social actions

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed People and Overview layout (unification)
  • Set last name empty on save profile
  • Fixed comments icon 
  • Added large images to embeds
  • Fixed copy button on iOS
  • Fixed upvote on mobile
  • Fixed editor placeholder on plus icon click
  • Added og:tags for direct post
  • Added og:tags for direct post in community
  • Added special twitter tags for posts with lage images
  • Add meta tags to all pages 

You can always suggest your ideas or jump into development right here:



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