!Safety Tips - MUST READ!

When it comes to the security of your funds, you can never be too careful!

Here are a few tips to make sure your crypto stays in your possession.

-Never store your crypro on any exchange. “Most thefts occur when a centralized exchange gets hacked.”

-Only keep your crypto in a wallet that you and only you hold/know the private key to. The phrase “Not your keys, Not your crypto” often times is all to true.

-Be wary of using a hardware wallet that has come from a non-trusted source. “If it’s not brand new, don’t use it!” Recently there are reports of Ledger and Tezor hardware wallets being compromised to divulge the owners' private keys. These modified hardware wallets are then sold to the public.

Only buy a brand new hardware wallet from a trusted source!

-Keep multiple copies of your private keys in separate locations + make 100% sure you wrote them down right. “Your private key is the only way to access your wallet, treat them like gold.”

-Enable 2FA on all accounts that allow for it. I know it makes logging in a little longer, but this little bit of trouble is worth the while and is your front line of defence to keep your accounts secure.

-This is probably the most important one: Don't go telling every Tom Dick and Harry on the internet about your crypto holdings. All too often people become targets when they go bragging about their crypto holding to complete strangers. “Rule of thumb is if the person is not family, do not talk about your finances!”

-The last thing on the list to really watch out for is Phishing scams: Commonly scammers will pose as support staff asking for passwords and maybe even to grant remote access to your computer so they can ”FIX IT.” Large corporations will never call asking for passwords, don’t be fooled. Another common phishing tactic is to make a fake website that looks like the real one. When the victim goes to log into the fake site they accidentally give out their password and login info.

The world we live in is becoming increasingly complex, with that complexity a new era of scammer is born. Be wary! Never trust anyone you don't know.

Security is now everyones' responsibility.