U°OS Network Ambassador Incentive Program

Become one of the first ambassadors and gather newcomers under your banners to get exclusive rewards!

As U°OS Network is nearing the mainnet release, technical teams, block producers and public relations specialists across the globe are invited to become U°OS Ambassadors.

Become the beacon for fellow UOSians, gain increased influence and referral bonuses for Ambassadors' community!

Aid you people in getting along with U°OS and serve as their delegate in complicated matters of voting for Block Producers and Calculator Nodes, governing the distribution of Community Development Fund (100,000,000 UOS)

Engage people to support your status as Ambassador. For example:

  • Bring your community to U°OS Network
  • Create publications, articles and reviews in media
  • Create a translation of U°OS Network’s documents
  • Launch a DApp on U°OS Network (this can be a direct port of an already running DApp on other blockchain, EOS-based DApps are the easiest to port)
  • Run a Block Producer, Calculator Node or both in U°OS Network
  • Attract developers to contribute to the development of U°OS Network or run DApps
  • Run events or meetups dedicated to U°OS Network

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