Community Distribution Pool Unlock Details Announcement

Hi, everyone!

I’m Alex from and I’d like to announce the mainnet Community Distribution Pool Unlock Details!

We as a team perfectly understand the importance of attracting users, and the value of the widest and fairest token distribution possible, but we also take into account the interests of early investors thanks to which we have gone from an idea to a working network.

We chose a model that respects the interests of investors, users who received tokens through AirDrop programs, active contributors, and developers for a healthy decentralised network.

Previously, all the Community Distribution tokens we have allocated, including the airdrops for GitHub, Bitcointalk, editorial and onboarding rewards, and many others, were planned to be unlocked in the following manner:
0,25% of the allocated tokens unlocked every day (400 days total unlock period)

We’ve collected feedback from some users and thought it over.

Firstly, why limit active members from getting their allocation earlier?

Secondly, to be true to our network’s core concept of Importance, we should stimulate activities that result in network’s growth.

Luckily, we already have the metric that calculates the positive impact any user has on the network - the Importance index, and a measure of reward for it - the algorithmic dynamic emission.

Every time the network activity index (the number of unique connections between accounts) surpasses its current maximum, dynamic emission is triggered and distributed among all network accounts, with respect to their Importance index, or the value they created for the network, causing its growth.

Having explained the logic behind it, we’d like to announce the mainnet bounty pool unlock details!

Every time you claim your share of the algorithmic dynamic emission, twice as many tokens are being released from your personal bounty allocation.

For example, if you claim 1 UOS, you get 2 UOS from the tokens you’ve earned via our numerous bounty campaigns and airdrops.

Don’t forget to stake the newly claimed tokens, as your stake amount directly affects your Importance and, thus, the amount of emission you can claim next time!

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