Freewriting: my first time. A post about both something and nothing.

I never really realized how hard it is to freewrite in a language that's not mine. Actually, I never thought about freewriting at all. It's my first time. I don't even know if it's a good idea, because freewriting requires that you write quickly so that you get into a flow. It would promote the creative process. That will definitely be necessary, because it's the first post that I write that's probably about both something and nothing. Normally I'm always heavily prepared, so this feels pretty strange. By the way, in the meantime I have already switched to my native language, what you, of course, couldn't know as this text has already been translated.


If you let your mind run free, then I think it's pretty logical that you start thinking about your work at some point. I personally find my work interesting, but quite depressing at the moment. I work at an Integration Agency. You can say that I help immigrants to integrate smoothly into our society. Isn't that a strange definition? What is integration?  I often have the feeling that people don't know exactly what it means. To me, we can talk about a good integration process when an immigrant adopts certain values ​​and norms from the host country, while at the same time being given the space to honor his own traditions and customs. My government would rather want to talk about assimilation, but aren't allowed to say so. Or they don't have the balls to try. 

Talking about the government: they had a nice surprise in store with their new initial memorandum on integration. From now on refugees will have to pay for every step they want to take forward, they must learn our language to a ridiculously high level, and they must pay taxes for 5 years before they are fully entitled to our social security system. All to please the right-wing voters (there were many of them). Half of the proposals will never stick, but who cares, it looks good on paper. 

Not that the right-wing public will be that critical. Refugees are simply an easy enemy. The ideal victim to hide own failure. It seems as if we are being overwhelmed by refugees, that our enlightened way of living together is at stake. Nowadays, politicians have it so easy to spread these kind of ideas. A targeted facebook campaign and people comment, click and share. A lie for the good must be possible. Massaging of figures is acceptable practice. I never understood how uncritical people can be when it appears that something confirms their view of the world. We are all fascinating creatures.


I could stop right here, but freewriting requires that you keep going. I don't have a timer, but I promised myself I would fill a whole page of thoughts. This is quite exciting. Without any punctuation marks. A jumbled mess. 

This morning I had my first transgender refugee as a client. He, or she in the meantime, only wants to follow integration classes if the fellow students are Christians. She would rather not sit next to any Muslim. Preferably I would be able to organize classes with only Christian gay people. You don't get such a question every day... I started digging what had happened to her in the past. Why did she flee her country?

Apparently she has been beaten up several times and her mother doesn't want to be anywhere near her anymore. Her argument is that she gave birth to a boy and not a girl. Quite painful to listen to her stories. Obviously, her question was the result of earlier traumas. During the conversation I was thinking how hard it must be if you cannot sleep because of problems that might arise in the future? Man, you're not even sure. 

How can people do this to each other? All again because it is inconsistent with their worldview. Apparently my thoughts bring me to the word 'worldview' again. Why do some people prefer that everyone is the same? Diverse sounds much more fun. Maybe we should start a facebook campaign about that...


There you go, my first piece of freewriting on U°Community. In my life actually. Maybe I should do it again next week. Quite exciting. I already wonder how I will get this translated...



PS If I should never do anything like this again in my life, you can freely say so :)