Extensibility of social upvotes in U°OS DPoI algorithm

This note aims to discuss a relatively obvious, yet important aspect of the U°OS DPoI computational framework, that might slip out of the attention of the users, designers or developers, that do not focus on the mathematical details of the DPoI algorithm. This aspect can also ignite imagination of DApp developers.

As many of you know, social transactions, that are taken into account during the DPoI score computation, are composed of a single action, called Upvote. At the moment, U°Community platform user can vote for publications, posts and comments. Repost transactions are also considered, however, they are used only in order to redirect the upvotes towards the authors of the original content.

Here is the following observation: given that someone decides to set up a new decentralized application (DApp) and would like to add more actions, that fall under the same conceptual paradigm of “like/upvote”, they can do that without changing anything in the algorithm. For example, this can be done when one decides, that in their DApp reposts will be accounted for as likes from the users, because they define, that the user reposts only the content, that they find valuable or otherwise important. Another scenario unfolds when you make some sort of a DApp, where users can vote for other member’s skills, credentials, or even products. The functionality that allows to account for such votes during social reputation calculation is still readily available. One can use their imagination to come up with the DApp, that they would like to make, and, keeping the above mentioned aspects in mind, take advantage of the framework’s functionality at hand.

Full abstraction of the framework is a matter of the future research. For example, some actions, that a system designer might want to use during the DPoI rate computation, can not be accounted for in the same way as the social upvotes. Therefore, these cases must be considered and discussed separately.

For more details about the DPoI computational procedures refer to DPoI technical resources.

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