U°Community v1.19.0

Release notes

New Features

Added upvote/downvote details

  • Added tooltip with total number of upvotes/downvotes
  • Added content rate display on hover
  • Added popup with the list of upvoters/downvoters

Added draft to direct posts

Now misclicking or accidentally closing direct post input form won't erase the content.

Added image zoom to publications

All publications' pictures are now zoomable on click.

Stored all the content and profiles on the blockchain

The following content is now stored on the blockchain:

  • Post
  • Comment/Reply
  • Community profile 

Migrated all social actions to Social Transaction

Migrated the following actions:

  • Content upvote/downvote
  • Voting for Block Producers, Calculator Nodes
  • Follow/unfollow
  • Comment/reply
  • Repost
  • Post
  • Community create/update

Other actions were migrated in the previous release

All u.community social actions are now using the universal Social Transaction type.

All transactions are now signed on the client's side.

Added links to legal papers to the footer

Other fixes and improvements

  • Removed upvote/downvote button for content's author
  • Optimized feed perofrmance
  • Fixed load more in Overview
  • Refactored publication editor
  • Fixed search for mobile
  • Added newsletter subscription form

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