Saved By Music

Awww, such a cool place it gets one to. It makes all things of an individual feel at ease and worth the experience. Such a calming recipe for one to relax and be at his comfort. The feeling is always get around this mood.

Yea, I can see many are still in thought about what I want to talk about but it's the truth. Many will as at now not get what I have started. But don't worry, before I end this post you will bear with me.

Music is one part of the art scenes that ignite us in both physical and spiritual aspect. That is why some tribes and people call their deities through songs and without these song that are being sang by them, their deities turns a deaf ear to their calling.

But the truth even in this post of mine is that, I had a busy schedule today and as early as tomorrow (which is this day that you are reading the blog), I will moving around as early as 5:30am to finish some tasks. I was roaming around thinking of how I post something through the blockchain, so I landed on one of my favourite television channels and these cool tunes of Bob Marley got me all out to dive into music.

Good music heals wounds and puts one in a great feeling. I have tried and it worked so you can try it on. Because there is power in music.